Fortinet FortiCloud 1 Year Service with Unlimited Storage for FortiGate-92D

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Hosted Wireless and Security Device Provisioning, Management and Analytics

FortiCloud is a cloud-based provisioning, configuration management and analytics service for FortiGate®, FortiWiFi® and FortiAP® product lines. It gives you the ability to quickly get up and running with Fortinet products while maintaining centralized control and visibility of your network. Since FortiCloud is a hosted solution, there is no additional hardware or software to acquire or deploy at your data center. In addition, FortiCloud is free of charge — optional subscriptions are available for customers who require extended log retention and advanced features.

Industry’s first Cloud-managed Secure Wireless Access Point

FortiAP-S Indoor Access Points are cloud-managed access points with enterprise-class capability. The FortiAP-S access point delivers gigabit performance, security and reliability to meet the growing demand of pervasive WiFi in SMBs and distributed enterprises.

A Cloud WiFi service with comprehensive threat protection. With Fortinet’s award-winning security technology embedded in the AP, the FortiAP-S series provides the most compact solution for complete content and application security provisioned and managed remotely from the cloud through FortiCloud.

FortiCloud service simplifies ease-of-deployment, operational efficiency and total cost of ownership.

Key Features and Benefits

  • One-touch device provisioning with FortiDeploy™
  • Centralized configuration management
  • Traffic and application visibility
  • Filtering and drill-down analytics
  • Secure hosted log retention
  • Cloud-based APT sandboxing
  • Rogue AP detection
  • AP device mapping and client usage
  • Custom and preconfigured reporting
  • Advanced AP configuration capabilities
  • Consistent backup and upgrades

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