Fortinet FortiToken 200 20-Pack One-Time Password Token, Time Based Password Generator, Perpetual License


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Why do you need FortiToken? Basically, because secure passwords aren’t enough anymore. And, with the rising sophistication and frequency of phishing attacks. A secure account needs a second method of authenticating users. Thankfully, most of the larger internet-based companies have made it simple.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is becoming the new standard for beefing up digital security. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to secure an online or mobile account with just a password. Corporate Armor partner Fortinet has a series of 2FA products, called FortiToken. With Fortinet’s FortiToken, a password is used along with a security token and authentication server. It provides far better security.

FortiToken-200 Hardware (OTP) Token Features & Benefits

Extremely secure, strong authentication using OTP tokens.

Totally scalable security solution meets compliance requirements.

Long battery life, perpetual license, simple deployment model, and minimal infrastructure.

Zero client footprint lets you easily administer tokens for your remote users.

Low learning curve ensures quick and painless adoption by end-users.

Can be used for authentication to multiple online systems.

Secure online activation via FortiGuard makes installation simple.


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