Hitachi Flash Storage (HFS) A220 All-Flash Storage System

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HFS is built for performance and capacity. Its high-availability design includes a pair of high-performance controllers and up to 60 solid-state disks (SSDs) in a single 2U high tray. No other all-flash storage system packs as much power into such a small footprint. With up to 384TB of effective capacity and 1 million IOPS, it is easy to consolidate multiple applications to reduce footprint and management headaches. Deploy HFS for virtual desktops, virtual servers or database applications, and exceed even the most stringent service level agreements (SLAs). 

Every HFS comes with a set of advanced features.

  • Data deduplication and compression: Realize an average of 5:1 capacity savings by reducing data before it is written to the SSDs. Optional tuning of deduplication block sizes is available to balance data reduction rates with performance.
  • Thin provisioning: Save even more space by allocating capacity on demand from a pool of logical volumes.
  • Snapshots and clones: Protect data with up to 64 copy-on-write snapshots that can be created per logical volume. Full clones of logical volumes can also be created.
  • Remote replication: Logical volumes can be copied to a second HFS system with either asynchronous or synchronous writes.
  • Quality-of-service controls: Maximum IOPS and bandwidth consumption can be set for logical volumes to minimize contention for system resources.


The space savings design and energy efficiency of HFS are unlike any other all-flash storage system. Its capacity density (TB/U) is 5 to 10 times better than competitive models and its energy consumption (Watts/TB) is up to 10 times lower.

What also sets HFS apart is that its data services are user selectable. Administrators can achieve the right balance of performance and storage efficiency for their environment. This enables HFS to keep running at high speed, even as data capacity amounts grow.


HFS is very easy to install, so you can be up and running in minutes. Ongoing operations are also simple, with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for management of the system and its features. A powerful set of reporting tools for analyzing performance levels and data reduction rates is included with the software.

HFS can also be virtualized as a high-performance tier of storage within a Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS) environment. The benefits of this are powerful automation tools and integrated workflows across your data center.

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