Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G600 SAN Storage Array

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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) family delivers enterprise storage virtualization in a unified platform for midmarket to global enterprise organizations that need to manage information more efficiently. Existing storage from multiple vendors can now be centrally unified in a shared pool of data. A highly efficient architecture allows organizations to satisfy growth requirements and simplify operations to reduce the total cost of storage ownership.

Including industry-leading global storage virtualization, VSP family extends ease of migration, universal data replication, and active mirroring to all storage assets. Provision and manage virtual storage machines across metro distances with active-active remote data center replication support. Combined with remote data center replication, this mirroring is an ideal solution to meet zero recovery point and time objectives for critical applications.

With a central point of control, VSP family unifies block and file access, enabling organizations to consolidate workloads to further simplify management and defer the cost of additional storage acquisition. Using a single interface for managing both block and file storage streamlines administration. Manage information more efficiently while lowering the cost of storage. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform family delivers global virtualization to consolidate and manage all data on a single platform. DATASHEET Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Family Now all data can be provisioned, managed and archived throughout its life cycle, consistently and efficiently. VSP promotes faster and easier provisioning of storage for both block and file requirements within virtualized environments, and it provides application-aware data protection for both virtualized and nonvirtualized server environments.

Hitachi Accelerated Flash storage offers a patented enterprise-class design for high-density, highly sustained performance with low and consistent response time. Active flash storage tiering automatically promotes active data to flash media to ensure the fastest access to the most important data. Improve the performance of business-critical applications by eliminating storage bottlenecks.

Block storage is accomplished through high-performance, shared resource controllers that simplify provisioning, path management and performance optimization. Data-at-rest encryption provides strong encryption directly on your storage system, regardless of media type. File storage utilizes a unique, hardwareaccelerated, object-based file system using custom FPGAs, which support intelligent file tiering and migration, and virtual NAS functionality, without impeding performance or scalability. Primary file data deduplication eliminates redundant data and defers the need to purchase more capacity.

VSP family systems are built on legendary Hitachi reliability, offering complete system redundancy, hot-swappable parts, outstanding data protection and nondisruptive updates to keep storage operations up and running at optimal performance. Additional data recovery and protection tools allow for application-aware recovery, simpler backup, restore, failover and consistency across copies, reducing business risk, downtime and migration concerns.

VSP family complements virtualized server environments with its ability to consolidate multiple file and block workloads in a single system. Additional integration offloads storage-intensive processing from the server hosts to increase virtual machine density, improve performance and reduce workload contention. And it extends those benefits to legacy-attached storage via external storage virtualization.

Five models in the VSP family, based on Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System (SVOS), provide a uniquely scalable, software-defined storage foundation. Powered with Hitachi global storage virtualization, new software capabilities unlock IT agility and enable the lowest storage total cost of ownership.

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