Kemp LoadMaster GEO Multi-Site Load Balancer 1 Year Basic 5×10 Support Add-On or Renewal

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GEO LoadMaster (GLM) offers the ability to move past the single datacenter, allowing for multi datacenter load balancing and high availability. GLM ensures that even when a primary site is down, traffic is diverted to the disaster recovery site. GEO LoadMaster also includes the ability to ensure clients seamlessly connect to their fastest performing and geographically closest datacenter.

GLM load balances using Domain Name Services (DNS) technology. Using DNS to direct traffic allows you to load balance to any Internet Address and ignore protocol level configuration on your load balancing devices. Internet clients using the GLM intelligent load balancer are geographically coded in real-time allowing you to make decisions on which Internet Address to offer to a customer.

GEO LoadMaster offers “Round Robin” load balancing for all active datacenters, which includes support for weights and a chained failover option for disaster recovery. “Regional” load balancing allows GEO LoadMaster to provide to the client a datacenter by country or continent, as defined by your required policies. Location Based takes “Regional” one step further and allows for longitude and latitude granularity for definition of proximity. GEO LoadMaster securely and seamlessly integrates with LoadMaster to offer “Real Server Load” load balancing, in which GEO LoadMaster uses local datacenter metrics provided by LoadMaster, allowing clients to connect to the least busy datacenter.

GEO LoadMaster Specifications:

  • 4X Gigabit Ports
  • VLAN Trunking
  • Interface Bonding (Link Aggregation, Link Failover)
  • Up to 15,000 Max DNS Queries Per Second (QPS)

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