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Overland OverlandCare Silver – 3 Year Uplift – Warranty
Offers extensive protection against the unexpected repair/replacement costs.
Get valuable support at your doorstep without traveling one bit.
Features Parts Replacement service that helps you handle any mishaps.

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Overland OverlandCare Silver – 3 Year Uplift – Warranty
OverlandCare service uplift part numbers/pricing are only valid when purchased within 90 days of the initial hardware purchase. OverlandCare service extension part numbers/pricing are valid when purchased 90 days after the initial hardware purchase. If a product warranty has expired for more than 30 days then a health check must be performed before a warranty extension can be purchased.

  • Bronze: 9×5 telephone support; advanced parts replacement with 2 business day delivery
  • Silver: 9×5 telephone support; next business day onsite (FRUs); advanced replacement of CRUs
  • Gold: 7×24 telephone support: next business day onsite (FRUs & CRUs)
  • Platinum: 7×24 telephone support; 24x7x365 onsite with 4-hour response

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