Panorama Antennas DMM-7-38 4G/5G MiMo Desk Mount Antenna698 MHz to 960 MHz, 1710 MHz to 3800 MHz, 2.2 GHz to 3.8 GHz5 dBiCellular… DMM-7-38-2SP

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Panorama Antennas DMM-7-38 4G/5G MiMo Desk Mount Antenna
Receive signals from multiple directions with this omnidirectional antenna.
Antenna can be mounted as desktop/window.
Offers up to 5 dBi gain.
Due to its broader casting range, it provides improved cellular network signals.

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Panorama Antennas DMM-7-38 4G/5G MiMo Desk Mount Antenna

Use the DMM-7-38 to ensure a strong 4G or 3.6GHz 5G connection and fast transfer speeds for your modem or router. It’s unique ‘X’ design enables MiMo connectivity across a huge frequency range and with the options of desk or window mounting the antenna is ideal for use on the move.

  • Supports 2×2 MiMo 4G and 3.6GHz 5G
  • Desk, Window or Laptop Mount
  • 2m cables

This multiband portable antenna is designed to be compact and easy to use. It has feet which allow it to be used freestanding, a suction cup for window mounting, and clips for attachment to a laptop. The is a versatile and compact travel companion to ensure you have excellent signal in all situations.

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Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 5.94 × 5.39 in