Safetica Data Loss Prevention Subscription for 1000+ Secured Endpoints

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Are you sure your competitors haven’t got hold of your private data? Do you comply with the data protection laws? Are you spending your IT budget well?

When workers have restriction-free access to sensitive data, it can cause trouble. As a result, managers have no idea how the data is being used, where, or by whom. Safetica solves this problem. It lets you know where your data goes and exactly what they do with it. Also, it evaluates security incidents. And, it warns about any unproductive employee activities.

Safetica protects companies all over the world against data leaks and internal threats. Its mission is to provide small and mid-sized companies with the same data protection corporations have. And, to do it without undue cost or need for IT resources. Or disruptions, for that matter.

How Safetica works

The endpoint workstation is where the action happens. Users work with critical data via internet, emails, printer, and portable media. So, the agent Safetica Client keeps connected with the relevant endpoints. This server builds a database of user activity. Then, it puts out new safety policies and rules to where they need to be. 

Safetica highlights

Safetica offers a full DLP solution that covers all major data leak channels. It delivers short time-to-benefit, so you will notice positive effects quickly. It is a flexible approach to blocking data leak channels. And, with its technology-agnostic approach, Safetica  is not limited by individual protocols or apps.

What’s more, Safetica activity reports show the actual time users were active at visited websites or applications. And, it picks the important details and sends a report to designated recipients. You will also enjoy how you can manage Safetica from a single place.

And, WebSafetica lets you see the security status of company data. It runs smoothly in all browsers. You can even check your security status from home. And, Safetica Mobile helps you to protect sensitive data even on mobile phones

Safetica is an affordable, easy-to-use DLP software. It runs audits and stops sensitive data from leaving your company. Not only that, it sheds light on what goes on in your company. You can deploy Safetica in just hours. It secures your information quick and easy.

As a proud Safetica partner, Corporate Armor can handle all your Data Loss Prevention needs. Please feel free to request a quote, live chat or give our experts a call at 877-449-0458.



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