Sophos AP 5 Access Point for RED Series

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Plug & Play Deployment

Set up multiple wireless access points within minutes. Sophos Access Points require no local configuration.

Deploying Sophos Access Points is easy. Simply plug in the Sophos Access Point anywhere on your LAN. The access point will find the controller, retrieve its IP address via DHCP, and import the configuration. The device automatically appears in the Sophos UTM user interface. Manually enable the access point, and within seconds it becomes operational.

Strong Encryption

Sophos UTM Wireless Protection supports the strongest encryption and authentication standards available. Wireless connections are completely secure.

To prevent unauthorized wireless access, Sophos UTM Wireless Protection supports the most advanced encryption and authentication standards available today. It features WPA2-Enterprise in combination with IEEE 802.1X (RADIUS authentication). WPA2-Enterprise uses 128-bit AES. This proven block-based encryption standard provides the highest level of assurance that data is protected. Also, monitoring capabilities in Sophos UTM allow administrators to easily detect failed authentication attempts.

Integrated Security

Sophos Access Points seamlessly integrate into the Sophos UTM appliance for complete UTM security.

Sophos Access Points forward wireless traffic to the Sophos UTM appliance, where all security applications run. The wireless clients obtain the same level of UTM security as if they were physically connected to the LAN.

The following security applications are available for Sophos UTM:

  • UTM Network Protection includes fully integrated technologies such as a configurable firewall and intrusion protection system to protect against denial-of-service attacks, sophisticated worms and hacker exploits that a firewall alone can’t stop.
  • UTM Email Protection secures corporate email from spam and viruses, and keeps sensitive information from ending up in the wrong hands.
  • UTM Web Protection lets you apply terms and conditions to protect your employees from web threats and control how they spend their time online.
  • UTM Web Server Protection hardens your web servers and web applications to protect them against modern attacks and data loss.

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