Sophos SD RED 60 Rev.1 Appliance


Sophos SD-RED 60 Remote Ethernet Device Easily extend your secure network to any location. Select from two models to suit your deployment and connectivity needs. Use strong AES 256-bit encryption. Seamlessly connect with Sophos APX Access Points. Benefit from Synchronized SD-WAN with XG Firewall and Sophos Intercept X.

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In the Sophos SD-RED, RED is short for Remote Ethernet Device. Using Sophos SD RED 60, you can connect remote sites. For example, you can connect branch offices to your main office as if the branch was part of your local network.

How it works

Thousands of small businesses now have employees working from home that have no prior experience with remote work. And SD-RED appliances make this SO much easier with a truly plug-and-play, zero-touch deployment. You need no technical skill to install an SD-RED device. All you do is type the device ID into your Sophos firewall. Then, just ship your SD-RED to its destination. Once you plug it in, the SD-RED will connect to the Internet. It will then call back home to your primary firewall, and automatically establish a secure VPN tunnel. All by itself.

What do I need?

The setup consists of a Sophos firewall in your main office and a Sophos SD-RED 60 in your remote office. Establishing the connection is a total snap, since you don’t have to configure REDs at all.

As soon as an SD- RED is up and running, it behaves like any other device on your network. And all the traffic of your remote office is as secure as your local network.

When a Sophos SD RED 60 is centrally managed through the XG Firewall platform, you can extend Synchronized SD-WAN to multiple locations. This means not only are you replacing expensive, unstable MPLS with super intelligent SD-WAN capabilities. You’re also protecting traffic that travels those SD-WAN connections. It gets the same Synchronized Security and Sophos Security Heartbeat features that employees would enjoy on the ‘home’ network.

The Sophos SD-RED 60 is very affordable. And there’s no added licensing cost for SD-REDs. It comes with your Sophos Firewall Network Protection License. And SD-RED works reliably even in the most hostile and high-latency network situations.

So, an SD-RED device acts as sort of a relay for the main office’s network, out to where you are. Wherever you might be. And it’s protected and managed in and by the firewall back at ‘home.’ 

The Sophos SD RED 60

The Sophos SD RED 60 has a maximum throughput of 850 Mbps, and the same number of LAN interfaces. But it boasts 2 WAN ports, instead of the single WAN port on the SD-RED 20. In addition, it also has two PoE ports, for a total of 30W.

Sophos RED highlights

  • 850 Mbps Max. Throughput (Sophos RED 20)
  • 4 LAN interfaces (1 GbE copper), and 1 WAN interface
  • 2 USB ports
  • No additional licensing needed for SD-RED

Sophos SD-RED datasheet

Read more about the Sophos SD-RED series here!

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