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Please request a quote 10/100 Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter Multi Mode SC 2 km
Expand your network capacity and fulfill requirement with this 2 transceiver/media converter.
With 10Base-T technology get up to 10Mbps data transfer rate over twisted pair cable.
No hassle of internal installation, install externally.
With Optical Fiber cable, get the desired data transfer rate up to a required distance.
Supports a maximum multi mode fiber optic cable distance of 2 km.
Compatible with most 3COM?, Cisco?, Lucent? and Nortel? networks.
Compact design.
Supports transparent Q-in-Q double tagged frames.
Supports Link Fault Pass through (LFP).
Supports IEEE 802.1q Tag VLAN pass thru.
Supports flow control (Pause).
Provides switch configuration of half/full duplex transfer mode for FX port.
LED Indicators for simple Ethernet/Fiber network link monitoring.
Forward 9K jumbo packets in converter mode.

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Description 10/100 Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter Multi Mode SC 2 km
The MCM110SC2 10/100 Multi Mode Fiber Ethernet Media Converter SC 2 km creates an economical, cost-effective Ethernet-fiber link, transparently converting to/from 10Base-T or 100Base-Tx Ethernet signals and 100Base-Fx optical signals to extend an Ethernet network connection over an SC terminated multimode fiber backbone.

The converter supports a maximum multimode fiber optic cable distance of 2 kilometers (1.2 miles), providing a simple solution for connecting 10Base-T/100Base-Tx Ethernet networks to remote locations using SC-terminated multimode fiber, while delivering solid network performance and scalability.

This versatile Ethernet to Fiber converter is compatible with most 3COM™, Cisco™, Lucent™ and Nortel™ networks and fully complies with applicable IEEE 802.3 standards.

Backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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