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Please request a quote Replacement 5V DC Power Adapter – 5 Volts, 3 Amps
Good power efficiency and comparatively light weight.
Delivers 5 V DC to ensure that your device is always ready to use.
3 A helps charge quickly.
Wide compatibility in different regions with 100-240V automatic switching and power clips included for North American, European, United Kingdom and Australian wall plugs.
Supports a range of devices that require 5 volt and 3 amps (or less) of power and an M-type barrel connector.
Reduces downtime in the event of a failure, by keeping a spare power adapter on-hand.

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Description Replacement 5V DC Power Adapter – 5 Volts, 3 Amps

This replacement power adapter can provide a power source for any electronic device with an M-type barrel requiring up to 5 volts and 3 amps of power.

Replace your failed or lost power adapter

The adapter is a perfect replacement for the lost or damaged power adapter you’ve used to power your existing electronics.

Keep a spare power adapter on hand

When downtime isn’t an option, keeping spare power adapters on hand ensures that you won’t be left waiting for a replacement to arrive or have to replace your devices just for the sake of a compatible power source.

The ideal travel power adapter

For frequent travelers, this power adapter saves you from buying multiple adapters. To ensure it will work in your region and the region you’re traveling to, the power adapter features 100-240V automatic switching and regional clips for North America, Europe, United Kingdom and Australia.

The SVA5M3NEUA is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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Weight 0.35 lbs
Dimensions 3.50 × 1.81 × 1.42 in