Targus Shoulder Strap for Rugged and Field-Ready Tablet Cases11.5″ Height x 48″ Width LengthBlack THA101GLZ

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Targus Shoulder Strap for Rugged and Field-Ready Tablet Cases
Strap provides hands-free transport.
Comfortable, soft, and flexible shoulder pad.
Non-slip silicon on the inside.
Two quick-release connectors for easy removal.
Compatible with Safeport Rugged Case models (THD461USZ, THD462USZ, THD463USZ, THD464USZ, THD465USZ, THD466USZ, THD135GLZ).

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Targus Shoulder Strap for Rugged and Field-Ready Tablet Cases

Targus’ Rugged Case Shoulder Strap is the best new way to easily carry your iPad® hands-free. The beauty of an iPad or tablet lies in how convenient and portable it is – so having to carry a bag or backpack to take it anywhere is a hassle that detracts from its ease of use. That’s why we’ve developed our brand new shoulder strap: to make travel with your tablet more seamless than ever before.

Attach this shoulder strap to your case and throw it over your shoulder for an easy, hands-free carry. The shoulder strap attaches to both sides of the case and easily detaches with two quick-release connectors. It’s super comfortable on your shoulder, with a soft pad that’s flexible enough to roll with the punches. We’ve placed non-slip silicon where the strap rests on your shoulder to help it stay in place. Stash your stylus pen in the small pocket for grab-and-go convenience.

Compatible with the following Targus tablet cases: THD491GL, THD498GLZ, THD500GL, THD501GL, THD502GLZ, THD513GL, THZ779GL, THZ804GL

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Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 0.12 × 48.00 × 1.50 in