Tripp Lite RBC62-1U UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge – 12V DC for select SmartPro UPS Systems

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Tripp Lite 1U UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge 12VDC for select SmartPro UPS Systems – UPS battery – 2 x battery

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Tripp Lite RBC62-1U UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge

The Tripp Lite RBC62-1U UPS Replacement Battery breathes new life into UPS systems with tired out batteries. Like every Tripp Lite battery, it is carefully screened and certified to meet or exceed original mfr specs. And, it ships ready to for install in your UPS system.

When power failures occur, the condition of the batteries determines the runtime of any UPS system. Eventually, all batteries deteriorate to the point where either the load is no longer supported, or the desired runtime is no longer available. As an alternative to a whole new UPS system, Tripp Lite offers a complete line of Replacement Battery Cartridges. These will extend the life of older UPS systems.

By replacing depleted batteries, you can restore your UPS system to its original runtime. And in many cases  you’ll surpass original runtimes due to the higher quality of Tripp Lite replacement batteries. In addition, only Tripp Lite Replacement Battery Cartridges offer the this level of compatibility and performance. That’s because of the expertise a UPS industry leader like Tripp Lite can deliver.

Not only that, Replacement Battery Cartridges from Tripp Lite are often priced much lower than ones from by the original UPS manufacturer. Compared with many third-party vendors, Tripp Lite RBCs promise quality and reliability that comes from a century of experience. In many cases, Tripp Lite is also able to offer up to 30% longer runtime than basic battery replacements.

This is because Tripp Lite batteries have higher power densities than originally supplied batteries. This unique combination of price, reliability and performance makes Tripp Lite Battery Replacement Cartridges your best value solution.

You don’t last a century without doing something right…

Tripp Lite has been building trust for a century throughout the world. They are ready to protect your equipment and critical data from costly interruptions. Tripp Lite supplies reliable, network grade power reliably and efficiently. For one of the most trusted brands in the industry, choose Tripp-Lite. For answers, info, and great pricing, call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458, or reach out to us here.

Tripp Lite RBC62-1U UPS

  • Restores UPS runtime performance to its original runtime specifications
  • Comes pre-assembled and ready for installation into your UPS system
  • Reusable packaging contains expired batteries for recycling center delivery
  • Compatible with a variety of UPS brands


Tripp Lite RBC62-1U UPS




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