Vertiv Geist Leak Detection Kit1 WSCK-10


Geist Leak Detection Kit
Connects to a Vertiv Geist Environmental Monitor or rPDU via Dry Contact/ 0-5V input or A2D..
Receive alerts via email, SMS, or SNMP traps for abnormal environmental conditions from the connected Rack PDU or Environmental Monitor..
Be alerted of the presence of water before critical equipment is damaged..
Additional leak detection cable can be purchased separately to increase the area monitored..

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Geist Leak Detection Kit

Leak detection kit used to monitor the presence of water around the perimeter of a room or row of cabinets. Includes LD310 Control Box, 10ft / 3m leak detection cable, 50ft / 15.2m connection wire, 15ft / 4.5m leader cable, and 5VDC wall transformer.

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