Vertiv Geist PDU Facility Side Cable30/32A, 230/400V WYE Geist PDUFacility Side Cable 30/32A, 230/400V WYE, 10ft/3m (FSC3U002) FSC3U002


Vertiv Geist PDU Facility Side Cable – 30/32A, 230/400V WYE
Powers your devices with ease by connecting to available power outlets.
Small in size and light in weight, users find it easy to carry around.
230 V AC cord ensures a steady and constant electric supply to the device.
Power Cable for the Vertiv Geist Universal Rack PDU.
Plug Type: 30/32A, 3P+N+E (IP44).
Power Rating: 30A/32A, 230/400V WYE.
Max Load: 22kW.
Cord Length: 10ft/3m.

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Vertiv Geist PDU Facility Side Cable – 30/32A, 230/400V WYE

The Vertiv Geist Facility Side Cable (FSC3U002) is the detachable power cord used to define the input power configuration of the Vertiv Geist Universal Power Distribution Unit (Vertiv Geist UPDU). This 10-foot cord is equipped with a 3P+N+E (IP44) plug. It has a max power capacity of 22.0kW and has a power rating of 30/32A and 230/400V WYE.

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Weight 11.76 lbs
Dimensions 575.00 × 375.00 × 160.00 in