Vertiv Geist rPDU LN03EGR0-ST6A0G10-2ST6A0E10-S 1-Outlet PDUMonitoredNEMA 6-20P1 x NEMA 6-20R230 V ACNetwork (RJ-45)Horizontal/Vertic… NI30106


Geist rPDU LN03EGR0-ST6A0G10-2ST6A0E10-S 1-Outlet PDU
PDU provides active metering enabling energy optimization and circuit protection.
Before critical input source become overloaded always be warned with monitored PDUs.

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Geist rPDU LN03EGR0-ST6A0G10-2ST6A0E10-S 1-Outlet PDU

Inline current meter used to retrofit Basic rPDUs with remote power and environmental monitoring to obtain real-time metrics locally or over an IP network. Simply insert the unit between the rPDU and the power source to view power data on a local power meter and connect to the network to gather power data remotely.


  • Reliable power distribution with local and remote power monitoring options offer quick access to critical power usage information to evaluate energy usage trends and maximize uptime.
  • Environmental monitoring capabilities with the addition of optional environmental sensors ensure users have critical infrastructure data at their fingertips to prevent climate-related equipment failure and system downtime.
  • Every unit is 100% tested for reliability and functionality.
  • Simple and convenient configuration options for cord lengths and chassis colors.
  • Fault-Tolerant Daisy Chaining with RSTP simplifies intelligent rPDU connectivity and ensures data is reported even when a break in the network chain occurs. Supports up to 40 rPDUs.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 2.50 × 1.71 × 23.00 in