Vertiv Geist UPDUCombination C13/C19 Outlets| 11kW| 16A-60A| Rack PDUUniversal PDU| 120V-415V| 1phase-3phase| Facility Side Cable (sold se… UI30023

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Vertiv Geist UPDU – Combination C13/C19 Outlets| 11kW| 16A-60A| Rack PDU
With PDUs decisions for load balancing and minimizing extra cost can be managed.
Before critical input source become overloaded always be warned with monitored PDUs.
The Vertiv Geist UPDU UI30023 with universal input supports all common AC power configurations..
The rack PDU supports configurations ranging from 16A-48A, 120V-415V, and a max capacity of 11kW.
It has 42 Combination C13/C19 Outlets that accommodate C14 and C20 plugs interchangeably.
Remote monitoring and management features through a standard web browser or serial communication port..
Receive an extra two years on top of the three-year warranty when you register the Vertiv Geist UPDU within 120 days of purchase.

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Vertiv Geist UPDU – Combination C13/C19 Outlets| 11kW| 16A-60A| Rack PDU

The Vertiv Geist UI30023 Universal Power Distribution Unit is a versatile rack power distribution unit with a universal input and a max power capacity of 11kW. This rack PDU enables fast and easy installation since it supports common AC power configurations ranging from 16A-60A and 120V-415V in both 1-phase and 3-phase configurations. Just choose the right Facility Side Cable (sold separately) to define the input power configuration you need to install the Geist UPDU in your network system. This model has 42 Combination C13/C19 outlets, which accommodate both C14 and C20 plugs interchangeably. The P-Lock compatible, high-retention outlets reduce the risk of costly downtime from accidental disconnections of the power cord. The unit is also ready for remote monitoring at the unit level through web or serial connection. This TAA-Compliant Vertiv UPDU comes with a standard three-year warranty, which can be extended to five years if registered within 120 days after purchase.

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Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.00 × 6.00 in