Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS6kVA/6kW 230V | Online Rack Tower Energy StarDouble Conversion | 5U | Built-in RDU101 Card| Color/Graphic… GXT5-6000IRT5UXLN

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Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS – 6kVA/6kW 230V | Online Rack Tower Energy Star
Offers power supply with zero transfer time taken to the battery and proves ideal for voltage sensitive equipments.
Keep your sensitive devices powered with a backup of up to 5.50 minute at full load.
Offers reliable, easy-to-manage power protection and battery backup with 6kVA (6kW) capacity..
UNITY Power Factor (1.0) for more usable power and more connected loads to save space and costs..
Includes a built-in Vertiv RDU101 network communications card for remote management..
Vertiv 3-year warranty with optional 2-year extension for a total of 5 years in coverage..
It is ENERGY STAR 2.0 certified with higher efficiency, for energy savings and improved reliability..

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Vertiv Liebert GXT5 UPS – 6kVA/6kW 230V | Online Rack Tower Energy Star

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) protects critical equipment against outages and every type of power disturbance. This 6kVA online double conversion UPS offers continuous power conditioning in centralized and edge locations. With high power factor (1.0), it allows more connected loads saving space and costs. This tower/rack mount UPS has a built-in Vertiv RDU101 communications card for remote monitoring to help you make more informed decisions and faster event resolution. With the free Vertiv Power Insight software, you can consolidate your view of up to 100 distributed UPS units providing simple notification of status and events in a single pane of glass. This 230V in/ 230 out single phase UPS has scalable runtime options with matching external battery cabinets to give extra runtime during an outage to support critical equipment. This battery backup is ENERGY STAR 2.0 certified and comes with an intuitive gravity sensing full-color LCD display.

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Weight 231.09 lbs
Dimensions 24.80 × 16.93 × 8.54 in