Vertiv Liebert ITA2 10KVA Tower/Rack Mountable UPSRack/Tower120 V AC, 230 V AC Input120 V AC, 127 V AC, 208 V AC, 220 V AC Output ITA2-10KRT208C

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Liebert ITA2 10KVA Tower/Rack Mountable UPS
Reliable 3 phase power protection to protect critical systems.
Online Double Conversion UPS Technology.
High operating efficiency (>93% in double conversion mode, 99% in eco mode).
Advanced battery monitoring.
0.9 Output Power Factor rating.
Energy Star 2.0 certification.

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Liebert ITA2 10KVA Tower/Rack Mountable UPS

Vertiv’s Liebert® ITA2™ is a compact, rack-tower convertible uninterruptible power system (UPS) that employs true on-line, double-conversion technology that continuously conditions and regulates its output voltage. The Liebert ITA2 is designed to supply microcomputers, servers, networking and other sensitive equipment with clean sine wave input power. The Liebert ITA2 UPS offers economical, efficient and reliable three-phase power for critical loads up to 8kVA. Use in a rackmount (3U) or tower configuration. This intelligent UPS has scalable battery runtimes, output distribution options, a high power factor and an optional maintenance bypass cabinet. It is easy to install and operate.

The Liebert ITA2 UPS has a 2-year warranty.

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Weight 75.7 lbs
Dimensions 19.70 × 16.90 × 5.10 in