Vertiv Liebert MPH2 Metered Rack Mount PDU50A, 200-240V, Three-Phase 36 Outlets (C13), 200-240V, CS8365C, Vertical 0U” PD2-006


Liebert MPH2 Metered Rack Mount PDU
Input power connector: L14-30, output receptacles: four L6-30R, two L6-20R.
Designed for Vertiv Liebert GXT4 5-6kVA RT208 UPS.
10.5 ft. power cable.
Circuit breaker.
Built-in maintenance bypass.

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Liebert MPH2 Metered Rack Mount PDU

For installation flexibility, Vertiv Liebert GXT4 5-6kVA UPS models allow you to choose from several different input/output power wiring configurations made possible by the use of removable power output distribution boxes (PODs) that simply plug into the rear of the UPS. When the ease of plug-and-play power connections is desired, optional versions of the power distribution box convert Vertiv Liebert GXT4 5-6kVA UPS units to a cord-type input with receptacles for output distribution, and also offers maintenance bypass capability that allows hot-swapping of the entire UPS without interruption of power to the connected load.

Additional information

Weight 13.3 lbs
Dimensions 530.00 × 250.00 × 240.00 in