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Vertiv Power Assurance Package – 5 Year – Service
Simplified UPS deployment and preventive maintenance by factory-trained technicians..
UPS Maintenance to keep your power network in optimal condition..
24/7 emergency service, Onsite support, and proper UPS battery removal service..
Five-year 100% coverage on parts, labor, and travel expenses..
Access on service history information via Customer Services Network portal..

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Vertiv Power Assurance Package – 5 Year – Service
The Vertiv Power Assurance Package (PAP) is a five-year warranty service package that is more than just extended warranty. The PAP can protect your network from accidental outages and downtime harmful for any operation. The PAP includes startup and installation for Vertiv Liebert APS, GXT, and PSI UPS, as well as preventive maintenance, on-site support, and emergency response is available 24/7. It comes with 100% coverage on parts, labor, and travel expenses of factory-trained technicians who will conduct the services. It also includes proper battery removal and disposal of existing equipment while following all regulatory requirements, helping ensure safe UPS battery replacement for your business. Vertiv provides access to service histories and reports via the Customer Services Network portal. With this vital information at your fingertips, you will always know the status of your power system and have the information needed to simplify inventory tracking and financial planning.

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