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WatchGuard APT Blocker
Uses full system emulation – which simulates the physical hardware including CPU and memory – provides the deepest level of visibility into malware behavior, and it is also the most difficult for advanced malware to detect.
Identifies and submits suspicious files to a cloud-based next-generation sandbox, a virtual environment where code is analyzed, emulated, and executed to determine its threat potential.
WatchGuard Dimension, which is included with the firewall provides real-time visibility with easy-to-understand information about threats impacting your networks.
File types analyzed by APT Blocker include all Windows executable files, Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Office files, Android Application Installer (.apk) files.

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WatchGuard APT Blocker
WatchGuard APT Blocker, a subscription-based security service for WatchGuard security appliances, adds another layer of protection that goes beyond signature-based antivirus to detect and block advanced malware and zero day attacks. It sends Windows executable files, Microsoft Office, PDF, and Android APK files to run in a cloud-based sandbox with code emulation to look for malware characteristics, including multiple types of evasive behavior.

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