WatchGuard Competitive Trade Into Firebox M5600 with 3-yr Basic Security Suite8 Port10GBase-X 10 Gigabit Ethernet; 1000Base-T- RSA; AES (… WG561083

Competitive Trade Into WatchGuard Firebox M5600 with 3-yr Basic Security Suite
By implementing a 224-bit hash value known as a message digest, SHA-2 protects your data transferred over the network.
Optimize the performance of business networks with 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
Proven firewall appliance with Denial of Service (DoS) firewall protection support provides secure data transfer on your network.
Rackmountable feature for convenient and safe installation of Firewall.
For securely connecting servers, workstations and storage and enabling secure data transfer, use this 8 ports firewall.
Two available slots for expansion modules, with options for 4x10Gb fiber, 8x1Gb copper, or 8x1Gb Ethernet.
Standard with hot swappable redundant power supplies, ensuring maximum uptime.
The latest Intel Xeon Processors allow industry leading speed while enabling full U inspection across all traffic.
Firewall throughput speeds up to 60 Gbps, and U throughput up to 11 Gbps.
Application-layer content inspection recognizes and blocks threats that stateful packet firewalls cannot detect.
Advanced networking features, such as dynamic routing and link aggregation, allow you to add security without needing to change exhisting network infrastructure.

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Competitive Trade Into WatchGuard Firebox M5600 with 3-yr Basic Security Suite

Trade in another manufacturer’s firewall and receive everything you need for Unified Threat Management with the WatchGuard Firebox M5600. The M5600 provides firewall speeds up to 60 Gbps and UTM security features at up to 11 Gbps while delivering enterprise-level network security services, including IPS and Advanced Malware detection. Optional network interface modules, including 4×10 Gb Fiber, 8×1 Gb Fiber, and 8×1 Gb Copper, enable flexible custom configurations. Hot-swappable redundant power supplies are standard, ensuring maximum uptime. WatchGuard Dimension is standard on M5600 appliances, bringing big data visibility to all security events and network activity without complexity. Basic Security Suite delivers security subscriptions to boost protection in critical attack areas, including Application Control, Intrusion Prevention Service, WebBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Reputation Enabled Defense, Network Discovery, and spamBlocker, plus 24×7 Support for support and maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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