Telling other people about your Corporate Armor experience could make YOU a winner in our biggest-ever contest! Here’s how:

  1. To enter our biggest-ever contest, simply go to your favorite technology-related forum or message board and create a post relating your experience with Corporate Armor, INCLUDING A LINK to the relevant product page on our website. For example, if your customer experience included the purchase of a license renewal for the Meraki MX68, you would include the link to the product page: (a link to the Corporate Armor homepage will NOT be deemed eligible).
  2. After that, fill out this form, including a hyperlink to your eligible post so it can be verified. We will select one $1,000 winner each for September, October, November, and December 2020. Each of the winners will be notified, and then announced in an e-blast by Courporate Armor.
  3. This contest is limited to Corporate Armor customers, one entrance per customer. Eligibility is contingent upon accurate and truthful completion of the entire entry form below. Thanks, and GOOD LUCK!