SonicWall NSsp 15700 Next-Gen firewall

SonicWall NSsp 15700 Next-Gen firewall

This true-enterprise firewall delivers a lot of options, as you would expect. Things like advanced threat protection, Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection, and blazing speed. And believe it or not, the SonicWall NSsp 15700 carries a budget friendly price that large enterprises and data centers demand.

The NSsp 15700 will have multiple 100/40/10 GbE interfaces and integrated TLS 1.3 support. All of the new appliances will be running the latest, and also just announced, 7.0 version of SonicWall’s operating system.

What’s new with the NSsp 15700?

The SonicWall NSsp 15700 is a next-generation firewall with multiple 100/40/10Gb ports. It can process several million concurrent connections. There’s also the brand new multi-instance capability (modern multi-tenancy). It allows enterprises to provide guaranteed performance and availability while adhering to service level agreements.

And, the newly re-designed SonicOSX 7 features a brand new interface and several new enterprise capabilities. Things like new workflow, and Unified Policy combining Layer 3 to Layer 7 access and security rules in a single policy.

What is Unified Policy?

It allows administrators to combine Layer 3 to Layer 7 access and security rules into a single policy. This will reduce rule management overhead.

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What is multi-instance?

With multitenancy, resources are shared between the tenants which can lead to resource starvation when a tenant is in high demand. For example, in a DDoS attack. Additionally, one cannot run independent software versions or configurations on each tenant.

However, Multi-instance architecture allows for true isolation. It gives dedicated resources such as CPU cores to each instance. As a result, no one tenant impacts the other. So now, you have the ability to run independent software versions and configurations. This is ideal for testing a new software version before deploying them. Multi-instance gives MSSPs more flexibility in providing services to multiple customers.

SonicWall NSsp 15700 highlights

Firewall Inspection Throughput: 105 Gbps
Application Inspection Throughput: 86 Gbps
VPN Throughput: 32 Gbps
Up-to-date, world-class threat intelligence
Multi-instance firewall architecture allows for true isolation

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