Work From Home Guide

Work From Home Using ISL Online

For Individuals


Working from home is quickly becoming the new norm. Especially now while the entire world is working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While some companies supply remote access to work resources, sometimes it is up to the employee to figure out how they will be able to continue operating from home. ISL Online has prepared a step-by-step guide for individuals to set up remote access to their work resources, and how to access these resources from home.

In the first seven steps, we will go over signing up to use ISL Online, and what needs to be set up on your work computer.

  1. Sign Up

Open a web browser and navigate to and sign up for your ISL Online account

2. Verify Email Address

After signing up for your ISL Online account, open your mailbox, find the ISL Online Customer Care email, and verify your email address (green button).

3. Login

Open your web browser and enter then log in with your ISL Online account that was created in Step 1

4. Set Up Remote Access

Once you are logged into your ISL Online account, click on the Remote Access button. Then, press the “Add This Computer” button, and download the ISL AlwaysOn file

5. Install ISL AlwaysOn

Find the ISL AlwaysOn file you downloaded in Step 4 and install it on your work computer

6. Set Access Password

During the installation, you will be prompted to create a password to access this office computer from a remote location

7. Customize and Save

At the end of the ISL AlwaysOn installation process, you can customize your settings. Once you are finished, press the Save button.

Now that ISL AlwaysOn is installed and set up on your work computer, it’s time to get prepared on your home computer. In the next 7 steps, we go over how to set everything up on your home computer to access your work computer using ISL Online.

8. Download ISL Light

Open a web browser and visit Once the page loads, click on the Downloads tab from the top menu. Once on the Downloads page, download ISL Light application on this computer.

9. Install ISL Light

When the ISL Light application is downloaded, proceed with the installation on this computer.

10. Login to Your ISL Online Account

Now that the ISL Light application is installed, you can log into your ISL Online account that was created in Step 1.

11. Find Your Office Computer

In the ISL Light application, click on the Computers tab. You should now see your office computer listed below.

12. Connect to Your Office Computer

Click on the Connect button next to your work computer. You will be prompted to enter your password. After entering your password, click “Connect”

13. Connection Established

You are now successfully connected, and will see the desktop of your office computer.