Cisco Catalyst Wi-Fi 6E access points

Cisco Catalyst access points

Cisco access points are compatible with Meraki hardware and the Meraki cloud operating system. And they can be substituted for Meraki access points. Easily. Corporate Armor will be shipping Cisco Catalyst CW9162, CW91164, and CW9166 access points soon. And you can order them now! These are serious, enterprise, Wi-Fi 6E access points. Comparable to the Meraki MR57E. Call Corporate Armor today at 877-449-0458! You can also email us at [email protected]!

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Cisco Catalyst CW9162 Wi-Fi 6E access point – Order NOW!

Meraki MR28 Wi-Fi 6 access point and Meraki MR78 Wi-Fi 6 access points are AVAILABLE!

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