The Meraki MG51 cellular gateway is here!

The Meraki MG51 cellular gateway and the MG51E are identical, except that the MG51E has external antennas. The Meraki MG51 enables high-speed, always-on network connectivity. It transposes a cellular signal into wired WAN Ethernet connections. Networking teams use MG gateways to connect branch and campus networks in the simplest manner. It’s great for the operations of a hybrid workforce through cellular deployments with fast, gigabit cellular uplinks.

In simple terms, an MG51 means instant cellular connectivity across thousands of sites at once – without waiting on broadband. There’s no need to change your infrastructure at all.

Legendary ease-of…

Pretty much everything. All Meraki appliances self-provision, automatically pulling policies and configuration settings from the cloud. And the Meraki MG51 cellular gateway is no exception. This auto-pilot personality is typical of all of Meraki’s products. They’re just easygoing, plug-and-play devices that non-IT types feel comfortable with. And it’s one of the big reasons they are so well-loved in the educational, healthcare, and small business sectors.

And, if a certified carrier SIM card is inserted, the MG will bring up the cellular connection. Then, it will automatically connect to the Meraki cloud, download its configuration, and join your network. The MG series is capable of powering your entire network.

Super-fast 5G-powered SD-WAN

With multi-gigabit level cellular connectivity, you can rely on the MG51/MG51E for a consistent, 24-7 experience to increase business uptime. With the MG series, you can confidently deploy fixed wireless access in places where there’s no broadband coverage, the carrier coverage is initially unknown, or there’s a varying level of availability and network reliability.

And of course, the same web-based Meraki dashboard provides intuitive, powerful role-based administration, firmware updates, configuration changes, email alerts, and easy-to-audit change logs.

Meraki MG51 cellular gateway features you’ll like

The Meraki MG51 has 2 PoE ports; they are 2.5 GbE. This makes it considerably faster than its’ little brother, the MG41. Both models contain CAT 20 modems. The MG51 pushes 2 Gbps downpload throughput and 300 Mbps upload throughput. It’s suitable for primary connectivity and high criticality application support. They contain 2 SIM slots. They are IPv6 enabled, and they support 5G with LTE failover.

If you have unanswered questions, we can take them, because we have a team of experienced, certified Meraki specialists who are ready to guide you in the direction that’s best for you. So reach out here, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Meraki MG51 cellular gateway highlights

2 x 2.5 GbE PoE ports
2 Gbps downpload and 300 Mbps upload throughput
Automatically connect to the Meraki cloud
Enables high-speed, always-on network connectivity in a snap