Safetica Data Loss Prevention – You’re up!

Data loss prevention keeps sensitive data from being lost or accessed by bad guys. DLP tools, like Safetica Data Loss Prevention, monitor and control endpoints. They also filter data streams on corporate networks. Plus, they monitor the cloud to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use. DLP also provides reports to meet compliance requirements and identify areas of weakness.

Corporate Armor partner Safetica protects companies all over the world against data leaks and internal threats. They provide small and mid-sized companies with the same quality data protection that corporations have. Safetica DLP is an extremely cost-effective, easy-to-use Data Loss Prevention. Even small organizations can sleep well at night for only $77 per endpoint, for a year. It runs audits and stops sensitive data from leaving your company. Not only that, it sheds light on what goes on in your company. You can deploy Safetica in just hours. It secures your information quick and easy.

Furthermore, Safetica Data Loss Prevention classifies regulated, confidential, critical data. It identifies violations of policies that are typically driven by regulatory compliance. Things like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or GDPR.

Once those violations are identified, Safetica DLP enforces remediation with alerts, encryption, and other protective actions. This is to keep end users from sharing data that could put the organization at risk. Accidentally or maliciously.

Installing Safetica DLP

Installing Safetica is straightforward. First, launch the installer. Then, choose either Automatic or Manual installation. We will only describe the Automatic installation. It installs the server component and administrative consoles. These include WebSafetica, IIS web server and Microsoft SQL Server Express database. They get installed on the current computer.

Clients are installed during the first launch of Safetica, after installation. This method is intended for a smaller number of Safetica clients. For installation of more clients, you probably should choose the Manual installation. Anyway, after launching the Safetica installer, click on Automatic installation. Then, confirm the license agreement. After that, the next step displays the hardware requirements. Enter a strong password for the default administrator account Safetica. Confirm the license conditions of the SQL server. Lastly, start the installation by clicking Install.

How it works

The endpoint workstation is where the action happens. Users work with critical data via internet, emails, printer, and portable media. So, the agent Safetica Client keeps connected with the relevant endpoints. This server builds a database of user activity. Then, it puts out new safety policies and rules to where they need to be.

And setting the security policies in Safetica is intuitive. Moreover, the predefined templates are very helpful in focusing on the right situation. It is also easy to customize your own policies.

Basically, Safetica is a full DLP solution that covers all major data leak channels. It delivers short time-to-benefit, so you will notice positive effects quickly. It is a flexible approach to blocking data leak channels. And, with its technology-agnostic approach, Safetica  is not limited by individual protocols or apps.

What’s more, Safetica activity reports show the actual time users were active on websites or applications. And, it picks the important details and sends a report to designated recipients. You will also enjoy how you can manage Safetica from a single place.

And, WebSafetica lets you see the security status of company data. It runs smoothly in all browsers. You can even check your security status from home. And, Safetica Mobile helps you to protect sensitive data even on mobile phones.

Really effective DLP saves time for IT administrators. In addition, Safetica lets you monitor what employees do with company data. Plus, you can see how they use their time at the computer. If users perform unauthorized or suspicious operations, it alerts them to their behavior.

In summary

Safetica DLP is lightweight and fast even on server. And, it features excellent security benefits, easy rules management, and reporting. Safetica responds nimbly to real world problems. For example, when the Covid-19 lockdown started, they immediately set up series of interactive webinars. The purpose was to resolve upcoming obstacles to home office and DLP. Pretty neat. And Corporate Armor is quite proud to be partnered with Safetica. We can answer any questions you may have, so email us, or call 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Safetica DLP highlights

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Remote Work Protection
BitLocker Encryption Management
Exchange Online Protection
Email and Network Protection
Strong services expertise