Digi 6310-DX cellular extender

What used to be Accelerated Concepts is now called Digi. Corporate Armor has partnered with them for years, and now we’re going to talk some about the Digi 6310-DX. Starting at just $299 at Corporate Armor, this device serves as a failover solution by retrofitting your infrastructure for cellular network access. It can be used as a primary 4G/LTE data connection or as a backup network solution to streamline business continuity. By adding Digi 6310-DX to your network, any Ethernet device can utilize fast and convenient cellular data. And the 6310-DX can be located or mounted where the cellular reception is the strongest.

It protects against downtime by automatically switching to a secondary cellular carrier should the primary SIM lose Internet access. To that end, the Digi 6310-DX is powered by the Digi® CORE 1002-CM 4G LTE plug-in modem, with dual SIM slots.

Coupled with a dedicated interbet connection, the DIGI 6310-DX provides dual-WAN connectivity. In other words, backup. This maximizes uptime and ensures business connectivity when you demand reliable network availability.

6310-DX use cases

The 6310-DX is very suitable for high-traffic pop-up sites like small clinics and treatment facilities. It’s also great for traditional enterprise branches where wireless WAN connectivity is required, and even individual work-from-home situations involving sensitive data or communications.

Of course, it has many, more traditional uses, such as retail stores or pop-up shops where there is a lack of wired connectivity. The 6310-DX features multiple WAN connectivity options with load balancing and failover.

The 6310-DX offers an optional remote mounting kit that includes a site survey battery pack, passive PoE adapter, and mounting supplies. This increases placement flexibility and helps locate where the signal is strongest. The Digi 6310-DX ships in IP Pass-Through mode to simplify installations. It has 2 10/100 Base-T Dynamic Ethernet ports in addition to its’ 2 SIM card slots.

EASY installation!

Speaking of set-up, the Digi centralized management platform provides easy setup, configuration and support for installations of all Digi devices. It takes just minutes to be up and running. The Digi Remote Manager® offers web-based device management to securely monitor and control network health after deployment.

Digi CORE Swappable 4G LTE modems

A cool thing about the Digi 6310-DX is its’ Digi CORE plug-in LTE modem. It allows you to select the cellular connection that best meets you speed, budget, and geographic requirements. The modular nature of the Digi CORE plug-in modem helps head off technological obsolescence by allowing you to upgrade to newer LTE standards without replacing Digi 6310-DX. When you need faster connectivity, you can just simply upgrade your modem instead of buying a whole new 6310-DX.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about the Digi 6310-DX LTE cellular extender, so please email us, or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

Highlights of the Digi 6310-DX

4G LTE certified Digi CORE 1002-CM plug-in modem
Easily-upgradeable to meet changing cellular standards
LTE-Advanced, standard LTE, or LTE with EV-DO fallback
Optimized connectivity to any Ethernet device
Optional remote mounting kit for site survey