Meraki MG41/E / Meraki MX75

A match made in Heaven!

The Meraki MG41/41E and MX75 pair up to deliver always-on network connectivity at otherworldly speeds – great for business-critical operations.

A Gigabit router like the MG41 lets you use a firewall in locations where cellular signals are stronger than WiFi or other options. It converts an LTE (cellular) signal to an ethernet signal. And, it’s managed centrally, from the web, together with all other Meraki products. And, like all other Meraki products, the MG41 and the MX75 are a pleasant pushover to set up and use.

Flexibility and safety

Pairing up the MG41 with your network expands options greatly because it broadens where you can locate your other appliances. The router becomes their ‘gateway’ to the outside world. And a  firewall like the MX75 acts as the big, burly bouncer that keeps out unwanted guests!

MX75 Next-Gen firewall

MG41 cellular gateway

The MG41 means instant cellular connectivity across thousands of sites at once. And the MX75 means flat-out peace-of-mind no matter how wide your ‘net’ is cast. And all without waiting on broadband or any change in infrastructure. You can deliver primary gigabit connectivity with MG41, or pair with Meraki MX and SD-WAN for the best bandwidth management.

They are completely manageable from the famous Meraki Dashboard, and are self-configuring, and self-updating. And, if you have any further questions about the MG41 or any other Meraki product or service, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458.

Meraki MG41 datasheet

Meraki MX75 datasheet

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