Meraki MV52 telephoto smart camera

Meraki MV52 High Definition Smart Camera

The Meraki MV52 High Definition Smart Camera is an ultra-long-range telephoto bullet camera. The Meraki MV52 has a 12-40 mm varifocal lens with 12-37° horizontal field of view. It features 4K video recording with H.264 encoding with an f/2.3/16 aperture. In addition, the Meraki MV52 has 1TB high-endurance solid-state storage and IR illumination up to 50 m or 164 ft. It runs 1/30s to 1/1000s shutter speed, and has a 1/1.8” 8.4MP (3840×2160) progressive CMOS image sensor. Like all the cameras in the MV series, the MV52 shoots in HD.

All of this allows the Meraki MV52 High Definition Smart Camera to deliver the enhanced detail needed to monitor roadways, capture license plates, secure perimeters and open areas, and create safe environments. This is a thoughtfully designed, powerful, exciting addition to the Meraki MV line.

Using machine-learning-based computer vision, the MV52 can do real-time object detection, classification, and tracking of people and vehicles. This increases safety and provide useful insights into activity. These smart cameras enable physical security and business intelligence, all in a refreshingly simple package.

Intelligently protecting what matters

Details matter, especially when it comes to safety and security. Was that an “O” or a “Q” on the license plate of the vehicle that entered the lot last night? Who exited the vehicle, and what were they carrying? What did they have when they returned, and how quickly can you locate the relevant video? If you don’t have the right camera system in place, it’s almost impossible to answer these crucial questions.

Meraki MV52 High Definition Smart Camera – Long-range telephoto bullet camera


Meraki MV52 PLUS Enterprise License:






Visibility anywhere you need it

The Meraki MV52 telephoto camers is designed to provide precisely the high level of detail that physical security teams need. It extends visibility to hard-to-see places, expanding the reach of your operations. Need see into a hard-to-connect area? No problem; the MV52 can connect wirelessly. Plus, it has a built-in 12V DC input to provide flexible power and connectivity options. And with 1TB of on-board storage, MV52 allows for 170+ days of 24/7 storage, more than enough to meet even the most stringent of retention needs.

Typical Meraki ease-of-use

With the MV52, Meraki does it again: Impossibly easy to set up and operate. And MV52 comes with everything needed right in the box. As a matter of fact, you can add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and adjust optical and software settings remotely.

Plus, not only can you manage these cameras from a central dashboard, but you can do it from your phone. The ease of use is really crucial to having a smoothly operating, transparent network.

Meraki MV52 highlights

Simple to use; no special software or browser plug-ins required
All-in-the-box solution minimizes physical infrastructure requirements
Long-range viewing with bullet camera form factor and 12-37° horizontal FoV
Built-in analytics like Motion Search, Motion Recap, and Motion Heatmaps
Night vision with IR illumination up to 50m (164ft)
Built-in motion analytics like motion search, recap, and motion heatmaps
See more details with the 8.4MP sensor and up to 4K video resolution

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