Meraki MT series sensors can protect your network?

The Meraki MT series intelligently monitors any environment to help organizations build a smarter, more sustainable future. With MT sensors, IT, facilities, and operations teams can minimize business disruptions and reduce unnecessary costs. You will also maximize resources, and improve employee/customer experience in any space. At least that’s how Meraki describes it it.

In the Meraki MT series, there are currently the MT10, MT11, MT12, MT14, MT20, and MT30 sensors. They do everything from monitoring tempuratures and humidity, to excessive moisture, intrusions, and noise. They can detect tampering, increase HVAC efficiency, and even allow you to remotely automate features of other Meraki devices such as access points and firewalls.

In short, Meraki MT sensors protect people, business assets, and alike by monitoring environmental conditions. They can identify anomalies and trends with visualizations and minute-by-minute
data reporting, and you can even have complete visibility by associating sensor events with MV camera footage.

They are easy to control from the cloud, and they can talk to you via SMS, email, push notifications, or webhook. They are are highly secure, and of course, extremely easy to operate and manage.

So they monitor and protect your environment, whether that is a store, a garage, a walk-in freezer, or an outdoor area.

So how do Meraki MT series sensors physically protect your network appliances?

It goes without saying that appliances like switches, access points, and security devices are an absolutely integral part of running an organization of any size and complexity. These are physical appliances that specific environmental needs. Needs that it’s easy to overlook. And when something happens to this hardware, it can quickly lead to network downtime. Which is bad.

So it’s critical that your networking and security hardware stays up and running, all the time. And that means you need to watch it.

The thing is, firewalls and switches tend to be shoved away in to utility closets on racks. Very close to each other. There, they go about their business, making your business possible, and generating a lot of heat. These spaces tend to be widely distributed throughout the organization’s network. And they are usually not visited frequently. Often, these environments are not optimal for IT equipment to begin with. They tend to be prone to temperature and water issues and intrusion. Utility closets are often warmer than they ought to be. This is because HVAC ducting routing generally serves the areas of a building that are most heavily occupied by people. Which is NOT closets.

Talk about less than ideal work environments

Meraki has a real-world story about a utility room was being used, not only as a server room, but also to house cases and cases of drinks (Gatorade, bottled water, etc.). Someone had incorrectly installed an air filter in the HVAC unit in the attic, which resulted in about 25 gallons of condensation to build up, and pour out through the ductwork into the storage room below. Right on to the equipment. Naturally, the network went down. Here’s a picture:

Meraki MT Series Water Damage image
Look like fun to you?

This is obviously an extreme example, but a good one to illustrate the very reason for the existence of the Meraki MT series. That is, to absolutely maximize uptime, prevent hardware damage and unauthorized access, and to monitor and reduce energy consumption. It will help make yours a truly agile, resilient business with real-time, round-the-clock monitoring and alerts.

The MT series connects easily, effortlessly, and wirelessly to MR series access points and MV series cameras, which serve as the gateway to send the sensor data to the Meraki dashboard in the cloud. This gives you amazing visibility into what’s going on in both the physical and digital world, because all Meraki devices live in this dashboard.

Now, if you have any other questions about the Meraki MT series, you can email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. We love answering questions. Thanks for reading!

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