Wasp WLR8950 SBR Long Range CCD Barcode Scanner

The Wasp WLR8950 long range barcode scanner is a cost effective, easy to use, 1D barcode scanner perfect for retail, office, or inventory applications. It’s great for any repetitive application where time and accuracy are important.

Zebra LS2208

A similar, competitive handheld, the Zebra LS2208, is sort of the purpose of this whole article. It’s perhaps Zebra’s most popular model, and it is on extended backorder currently. It provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. It has a standard five year warranty. However, We at Corporate Armor thought we would point out the fact that the Wasp WLR8950 SBR is totally IN STOCK, and READY TO SHIP.

How do they match up?

The Wasp WLR8950 weighs 4.8 oz, compared to 5.3 for the LS2208. It scans at 230-450 scans/sec, whereas the Zebra LS2208 scans at only 100 scans/sec. The WLR8950 has a higher Drop Specification, as well: It withstands multiple 6′ drops, compared to multiple 5′ drops in the case of the LS2208

The Wasp WLR8950 is easy to set up and even easier to use. It provides flexibility over other imagers by being able to scan barcodes from distances of up to 12 inches away. Truth is, they really are comparable, and both very popular.


The Wasp WLR8950 SBR long range scanner has a USB interface. For fast connection, simply plug the WLR8950 into a keyboard wedge through a USB or PS2 cable. Then, you can begin scanning colored barcodes using the bi-color, dual LED light source.

The WLR8950’s bi-color technology automatically changes light sources between green and red. This enables you to decode a red barcode using the green light and green barcode using the red light. For tough to read barcode labels, the Wasp WLR8950 can easily scan barcodes with a Print Contrast Ratio (PCR) as low as 30%.

The WLR8950 SBR is just a pleasure to use and install. Just connect the WLR8950 to your PC by USB or PS2 cable, and you’re ready to begin scanning. It’s a snap to quickly and accurately add data to your active document, spreadsheet, or database. And the cabled design makes it simple to scan items located near your PC or workstation.


The Wasp WLR8950 long range barcode scanner is affordable, durable, enjoyable to use, and available right now, ON SALE at Corporate Armor. So email us, or call 877-449-0458, and we can answer all your questions! Thanks for reading!

Cool things about the Wasp WLR8950 SBR

Scan 1D barcodes up to 12” away
Easily decode colored barcodes
Reads barcodes with a PCR as low as 30%
Withstands multiple 6’ drops to concrete
Simplyconnect the WLR8950 to your PC by USB or PS2 cable, and you’re ready to begin scanning