Fortinet re-designs firewalls in defiance of surly supply chain

The FortiGate 40F and FortiGate 60F firewalls are currently available!

Gotta love Fortinet. They’ve been burning the midnight oil, and figured out how to keep putting firewalls into client’s hands, even when most other vendors are struggling mightily with supply chain issues.

Nowadays, just about all hardware is backordered a mile, due to the same supply chain issues that are affecting many other sectors of the economy. And inflation is causing a lot of price increases, as well. None of it can be helped. However, it can be remedied!

There are the unending, urgent warnings from cybersecurity vendors that the components you need to stay current with the changing, growing cyber-threatscape won’t be in stock for several months.

Reports of wait times already stretching into 2023 are common.

Fortinet to the rescue

To address supply chain constraints, Fortinet re-engineered its firewalls to enable alternative part sourcing.

“We truly believe that convergence is starting to happen between networking and security,” Fortinet CMO John Maddison told SDxCentral. “The ideal platform for convergence is a firewall.”

Specifically, Fortinet has added new firewalls to its’ portfolio. These include FortiGate 600F, FortiGate 3700F, and Fortinet FG70F firewall. They are all powered by Fortinet’s custom seventh-generation ASIC network processor.

“We are the only firewall company that designs our own ASICs for our products,” Maddison said. The chips enable “sometimes 10 to 20 times faster” connections per second compared to similar products, he claims. “It’s not even in the same ballpark when people are using these off-the-shelf CPUs,” referring to Fortinet’s competitors.

It also allows the system to use up to 60% less power.

Plus, the chips can drive enough processing horsepower to support zero-trust network access (ZTNA) traffic on FortiGate firewalls, Peter Newton, senior director of product management at Fortinet, told SDxCentral. “No other firewall has ZTNA built-in, or custom security ASIC chips with hardware accelerators for the SSL decryption process,” he wrote.

No end in sight

Maddison expects the supply constraints will persist for at least another 12 to 18 months. As a result, Fortinet is taking the proactive strategy of diversifying the supply chains.

Fortinet customers and partners are all worried about the supply issues, Maddison noted. Because of this, Fortinet started redesigning products and building new firewalls upfront.

“Fortinet as a company is not waiting until the supply chain thing is over. We’re not gonna sit here and wait for the chips to arrive in 2023,” he said. “We’re redesigning products and [FortiGate] 70F is a good example that takes advantage of multiple sourcing of components.”

“We’re not building it just in time when we get an order. We’re building hundreds of thousands upfront, which again, has helped us during the supply chain issue,” he added.

The Fortinet FG70F

All of this has most relevance to the FortiGate 70F. This is simply because the 70F is the model that will sell the most of the three mentioned here. It is an SMB appliance, and will fit the most use cases.

The Fortinet FG70F firewall is a refresh from its FG60F firewall for branch offices. On top of better performance, it is re-designed to address the supply chain challenges, as well.

These re-design and re-sourcing measures are ensuring that Fortinet has a strong inventory of products on hand. They and Corporate Armor are able to provide you with the solutions you need, when you need them.

Fortinet FG70F: Who’s this designed for?

Another great question! This model is most suited for the “M” part of “SMB.” In other words, mid-sized businesses, and also large branch offices. There’s really nothing entry-level about what this appliance can do. And, we’d love to tell you more about the Fortinet FG70F. So, why not give Corporate Armor a call at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]? Thanks for reading!

Great things about the Fortinet FG70F firewall

1 Gbps of Next Gen Firewall Throughput
1.4 Gbps of IPS Throughput
Radical new FortiSoC4 processor
Built-in SD-WAN

FortiGate 70F datasheet