4 Tips to Make Remote Work Easy With ISL Online

More and more companies are starting to adopt work from home policies for their employees. And now more than ever with the recent coronavirus outbreak. Luckily solutions already exist that allow remote work to not only be possible, but easy. ISL Online is a leader in the remote support/remote access industry. In fact, they have almost 20 years of experience with providing remote work solutions. So let’s take a look at 4 ways ISL Online can help you stay productive, even when you’re not in the office.

Access work computers from home

If you don’t have the option to take your work computer home with you, remote work may seem impossible. Luckily ISL Online makes it easy to access your work computer from anywhere. With ISL AlwaysOn, you can install an agent on your work computer that allows you to access it from a personal laptop or desktop, or even your mobile device.


Whether you like it or not, meetings are often a necessary part of your work routine. Some of you may like the idea of remote work, because it means fewer meetings. For those of you that feel that way…Sorry guys meetings are still possible. ISL Online has its own meeting software, and it’s called Groop. With Groop, you can set up meetings, webinars, or video chats. It’s a great collaboration tool that allows you to share what everyone is working on and keep the team cohesive.


When working from home, people often feel isolated, or distant. Maybe you don’t have that work buddy to share an occasional joke with. Or maybe you have a customer that needs some quick assistance. Whatever the scenario, with ISL Pronto, you have live chat that can be plugged into your website. ISL Pronto can be used as an external communication tool to give you an extra line of communication with your customers. Or it can be used as an internal communication tool between teammates.

Remote Support

Sometimes an issue can’t be resolved by a phone call or a chat. Sometimes you need to see what the other person sees on their screen. With ISL Light you can start a remote screen sharing session in seconds. Once your session begins, you can take control of their device, transfer files, share your screen, and more.

Of course there’s additional factors that go into determining the remote support and access tool that fits your needs. Pricing, ease of use, setup, security, these are all legitimate concerns. ISL Online makes all of this easy.


ISL Online has pricing structures that fit into any size business. Whether you’re a one employee company that needs a pay-per-use model, a cloud-based company that wants to stick with the ease of use cloud option, a large operation with an IT team that wants complete control over the solution ISL has you covered.

Ease of use

You don’t need a degree to operate any of the ISL Online solutions. If you can click on a link, chances are you can use ISL Online. Plus, there are multiple ways to connect to a device. So you can choose whatever works best for you. Whether you connect in through the ISL Light app, through the website, or even on your mobile device, it’s easy. Plus ISL Online offers tons of great help videos and guides.


Your business data needs to stay safe, as most cyberattacks come from outside of your organization. And chances are, your home network isn’t as secure as your work network. That’s why ISL Online takes security very seriously. Every connection is safe and encrypted. So you don’t have to worry about anyone hijacking your connection.

If you want to learn more about how ISL Online can help you prepare for remote work check out the links in the description below. Or contact one of our experts at Corporate Armor.

Remember, whether you decide to implement a remote work policy or not, stay safe. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and be kind to the grocery store clerk restocking toilet paper.