ISL Online – What’s new in 2022!

ISL Online is a remote access / support product designed for pretty much any industry including healthcare, information technology, universities, government, and banks. With it you can do things like providing helpdesk services and tech support to anyone, anywhere. It allows any desired degree of access and control to remote computers.

ISL Online supports Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Some of the key features of ISL Online include screen sharing, permission management, unattended access to remote computers, chat messaging, session recording, WakeOnLAN, and RDP routing.

Remote access and control solutions like ISL Online consist of two parts. First, a host, which is also called a server. Second, a client. The host is the software that receives the remote access connection, so it runs on the computer of the person seeking help. On the other side is the expert, or viewer, providing the remote help. Usually, the technician provides the customer with a url, with which he or she connects. Alternatively, some vendors provide the ability to set up a landing page you can go to to get the connection. Then, it’s off to the races.

Features of ISL Online

Beyond basic remote access, various competitors offer a lot of different features. Chat functions, a module for file exchange and a shared clipboard are standard. However, ISL Online gives you the ability to move files back and forth. This is a capability that not all remote access solutions have, by any means. ISL also has other differentiators.

For example, it gives you the ability to draw things on the remote screen, and there’s an option to send session invitations by mail or video telephony. In addition, you can save sessions as video files, and you can operate dedicated landing pages where end users can download the remote maintenance program easily.

And, ISL Online uses the RSA 2048/4096-bit public/private key exchange to negotiate symmetrical AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption. This offers very solid protection for the data transfer between the local and remote computer.

But we’ve already gone over these things previously.

What’s new with ISL Online

Not surprisingly, 2021 continued to stir up the continued uptake of remote support software. In keeping with the increased demand, ISL Online has added new features. For example, they have released a dual-pane File Manager. With its transparent interface, it allows quick navigation and helps you manage files and folders on a local and remote computer faster and more efficiently.

They also have ISL AlwaysOn for Linux. You can now add your Linux remote computers to your list of computers with unattended access and connect to them. It provides the same functionality as ISL AlwaysOn on MacOS and Windows systems.

Plus, there’s the new “Set Unattended Access” window. With it you can now easily choose your preferred way of setting up unattended access. You can do it by email, link or session code. Moreover, you can add custom tags to the computer and prepare custom links. For example, you can select the target group to which the computer should be added.

And, you can route Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Secure Shell (SSH) sessions between your local computer and unattended computers in the remote network without using a VPN or making any firewall changes.

Now you can set the option to connect to a remote computer via RDP or SSH as default. This means that the next time you click on a selected remote computer, the RDP/SSH dialog box will open and you will not have to search for the RDP connection in the drop-down menu.

Industry recognition

TechRadar, the largest news and review site in the UK, said ISL Online is “a great solution for businesses both big and small, featuring cross-platform support, intuitive remote access tools, and multiple subscription options.”

ISL Online received 4 out of 5 stars from TechRadar. They specifically pointed out several positives. Among them; competitive pricing, cross-platform support,great security features, multiple ways to launch a remote session, impressive assortment of remote access tools for both techs and clients, and an excellent built-in support team.

And according to PC Pro, ISL Online is an easy-to-manage remote desktop software that offers tight access security and great mobile support. In an independent review, the experts at PC Pro gave ISL Online a 4 out of 5 star rating and awarded it a PC Pro Recommended badge.

ISL Online is a proven easy to own and easy to operate remote access solution. Connection, setup and operation are straightforward and the feature range is convincing. Corporate Armor is proud to not only partner with ISL Online, but to recommend them highly. If you have any questions, please email us or call 877-449-0459. Thanks for reading!

ISL Online differentiators

Multi-monitor support and quick screen toggle
Dedicated landing pages
Invitations via email /telephony
File Exchange and Shared Clipboard
Real-time chat and audio
Unattended access to remote computers
Session Recording