ESET is highly economical, yet effective, and easy-to-use Antivirus. But ESET uses multilayered technologies to go far beyond the capabilities of basic antivirus. ESET has been around 30 years, and they have built a reputation for being very innovative. They have had to be, to be able to play in the same end of the pool as it’s larger, more well-known competitors. And ESET is getting a lot of really good independent reviews and customer write-ups lately. Plus, their recent strong showing in MITRE testing affirmed that the company is one to watch.We’re going to look at a new product, ESET PROTECT Advanced.

ESET has re-named it’s primary offerings and re-vamped it’s interface. They’ve added features and introduced cloud-control, too. This is to address a huge increase in demands for cloud-based services. The result is ESET Protect (ask us about it!). It comes in different flavors like Entry, Advanced, Complete, and so on. It should be noted that there is an on-premise version of ESET Protect for those who do not want cloud-based management.

The ESET Protect family reflects changes to the bundling of ESET products. It is a fresh new approach to cloud services.

EPP for SMBs

ESET PROTECT Advanced fits small to medium-sized businesses and offers advanced EPP capabilities, full disk encryption, and an automated sandbox for dynamic threat analysis. It does so with a multi-layered approach to endpoint protection. It’s equipped with the tools to fight the latest zero-day threats. ESET PROTECT Advanced offers organizations a quality security solution with the brand name to back it up.

ESET PROTECT Advanced is an outgrowth of the surge towards EDR, and especially XDR solutions that have become so prevalent in IT security. It is a direct response to post-Covid related realities. It might be good to think of this as a holistic, multi-platform approach to network security.

Down to business

This platform is ESET’s solution for the hybrid infrastructure era. As organizations adopt more cloud and virtual workloads, tools like PROTECT are critical. They enable the transition from on-premises systems and protecting the digital infrastructure. Administrators can quickly deploy ESET and configure policies to meet network security objectives through the cloud-based management console.

At its’ core, ESET Protect Advanced is a powerful anti-malware engine. Typical of all ESET products, it boasts excellent detection rates. It is easy to use and easy to manage remotely. ESET also has powerful intrusion detection and very useful forensic tools. The anti-phishing support is very good, as well.

It includes ESET Endpoint Security that protects you against ransomware and targeted attacks. It is also useful in the prevention of data breaches and detecting advanced persistent threats. Other tools that ESET Protect Advanced features include anti-spam protection, MFA for users and administrators, two-way hosted-based firewall, Secure Browser for sensitive transactions, and Active Directory scanner synchronization. There’s also Botnet and C2C attack prevention, Cloud mobile device management and trackable web control functionality.

Dynamic Threat Defense

This is ESET’s fully automated cloud-based sandbox that deserves a look here. It’s a powerful weapon against the modern era’s sophisticated attack techniques. This includes zero-day threats and ransomware strains. DTD offers a critical protection layer for investigating suspicious traffic before it enters the network. It utilizes machine learning and behavioral analysis.

The DTD sandbox fully simulates actual machine behavior for all physical and virtual hosts. It gives malicious files the chance to launch in an isolated environment while critical segments stay protected. Tools like ESET LiveGrid offer the visibility and threat intelligence to query potential threats. They are matched against hundreds of machines and validate their relevance or identify a spoofed signer.

ESET DTD gives administrators another manageable layer of protection and a headstart in dynamic threat analysis, forensic analysis, and remediation.

Buzz over ESET PROTECT Advanced

Popular qualities of ESET include the simple onboarding process, ease of deployment, and product capabilities like OS support, malware accuracy and effectiveness. To that end, ESET scored a 90% protection rate against malware samples used in traditional AV testing and advanced adversarial attack simulations. This was in the latest MITRE evaluations in May. Additionally, ESET’s managed services and lightweight performance impact on endpoints are also big selling points.


ESET firewall monitors and controls communication within the local network or internet. The firewall analyzes communication activities using predefined rules and uses the rules to decide which traffic to allow or block.

Clearly ESET’s engine is well versed against the latest malware threats. ESET is also proven highly effective against vulnerability threats and active attacker scenarios, even encoded exploits.

The net result

ESET Protect Advanced is a light and quiet protector. In general, it’s suitable for about any scenario, both large companies and small. Even for home use. ESET works in the background without consuming the performance of the machine. Many security/antivirus tools consume a lot of performance during scans. But ESET is not like that, most of the time you will forget that it is there. False alerts are almost unheard of – ESET has great accuracy compared to other security tools. Updates are automatic, and frequent, which is important.

It’s a powerful, well-designed endpoint protection that delivers standout threat detection. Plus, it is nicely balanced between being easy to use and effective. The newer features, while powerful, do require a little bit of a learning curve, though. ESET carries a very friendly pricetag, and thus is easy to recommend to budget-conscious SMBs.

Corporate Armor has partnered with ESET for years, and we can readily recommend ESET PROTECT Advanced. Why not email us or call 877-449-0458 and let us give you a very quick, VERY competitive quote? Thanks for reading!

ESET PROTECT Advanced datasheet

ESET PROTECT Advanced superpowers

Excellent detection rates
Easy to use remote management
Powerful intrusion detection abilities
Very quiet-running
Standout threat detection
Fully automated cloud-based sandbox