Tripp-Lite GC1000L Portable Power Station

Tripp-Lite manufactures over 5,000 products to power and connect the computers, networking equipment and electronic devices. All of the things that form the foundation of our digital world. Everything from battery backups that safeguard against outages, to surge protection and power conditioning, rack mounts, cables & connectivity. They also offer a host of other accessories. The Tripp-Lite GC1000L Portable Power Station is an emission-free alternative to gas powered generators that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The Tripp-Lite GC1000L Portable Power Station

Running on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this new Tripp Lite portable power unit offers a quiet alternative to gas or diesel-powered generators. That means you can leave the noise and fumes out of your portable power solution. It also means you’ll need no ventilation. A 500W (GC500L) and a 1000W GC1000L) model offer AC and 12V DC power and USB-A/C charging, both indoors and outdoors.

They provide pure sine wave battery power to essential electronics in all industrial and enterprise applications. These power stations are ideal for locations where utility power is unreliable or unavailable. Places like construction sites, workshops, fleet trucks and field medical sites.

You can recharge via AC power from a wall outlet or DC power from a vehicle or solar panel, as well. This means these versatile stations provide a wide range of options for when and where they can operate.


The GC1000L has four NEMA 5-15R AC outlets (120V), two 5.5 mm DC outputs (11ā€“14V 10A), a CLA (cigarette lighter) output, eight universal USB-A ports (5V 3.1A), two Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 USB-A and two QC 3.0 USB-C ports. These power and charge a variety of equipment, including auxiliary lighting, power tools and pumps, appliances, computers and printers, fans, heaters, even a coffee maker and toaster for quick energy on the job. QC options can charge your compatible smartphone or tablet up to four times faster than conventional USB ports over a 5Vā€“9V 2A range.

Built-in short-circuit and overpower protection helps keep connected devices safe. Side cooling vents deliver outside air that prevents internal overheating.

Corporate Armor would love to tell you more about the GC1000L. We can put the power of Tripp-Lite to work for you at a great price! So email us, or call 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading! GC500L Datasheet GC1000L Datasheet

Highlights of the Tripp-Lite GC1000L Portable Power Station

AC/DC/USB-A/USB-C/QC 3.0 outputs can power a wide range of devices
Multiple recharging options for your convenience, such as a standard AC outlet
Lithium-Ion Portable Power Station Keeps Your electronic devices operating anywhere
Provides pure sine wave battery power