Cisco Meraki MX84 with Advanced Security License

Meraki MX84 Next-Gen firewall with Advanced Security License

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The MX84 is Meraki’s mid-tier, Next-Gen firewall. This friendly appliance puts non-IT types at ease with it’s ‘snap’ setup. The MX84 is easy to configure even for people who have no experience. Additionally, Meraki’s tech support gets high marks. Plus, the MX84 is 100% cloud-managed. Therefore, it gets all of its firmware upgrades through an SSL connection. The VPN can be set up in about 5 minutes.

Okay, it’s easy to use. But what can the Meraki MX84 do?

The MX84 has Stateful Firewall Throughput of up to 500 Mbps and VPN Throughput of 250 Mbps. In addition, it has Advanced Security Throughput of 320 Mbps. Plus, it can support up to 200 users and 100 VPN tunnels.

What about features?

For one thing, the Meraki MX84 sports internal SD-WAN technology. That adds networking ability to the mix that not all firewalls have. That’s not only a convenience, but a potential savings. It definitely simplifies life for the non-IT professionals this appliance was designed for. Of course, you also get all the great features common to Meraki security appliances. Besides stateful inspection firewall, there’s also auto-configuring site-to-site VPN services. And, IPSec client VPN, too. Meraki has one of the easiest VPNs to deploy on the market. Identity based policies are also easy to configure, which is critical for BYOD environments.

Additionally, you get traffic-shaping options for your Meraki network. There’s full Layer 7 app visibility with per-app security and network configuration. And, there’s built-in web caching for additional bandwidth savings. It can also automatically choose between the two WANs depending on traffic type. MX 84 offers superb protection while streamlining most administrative functions. And, since it’s a Layer 7 firewall, MX84 can enforce quite granular content filtering. For instance, you can grant access to individuals, groups, or applications based on specific criteria.

Who needs the MX84?

The Meraki MX84 is not only ideal for medium-sized businesses. It is also perfect for a wide variety of SMBs. And, because of the MX84’s imminent scalability, it boasts plenty of room and power to keep up with high-demand environments in businesses of just about any size. For a true mid-tier-to-Enterprise firewall, you have an unexpectedly user-friendly appliance with the MX84. One that integrates with other devices and self-configures, in fact.

What is Meraki Advanced Security License?

It’s the Licensing option we get asked about most with the MX84. For starters, the Advanced Security License offers a lot more protections. It’s an all-around security package that can protect you from nearly any attack. It includes Intrusion Detection / Prevention, Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing. Additionally, you get Content-and-Web-Search Filtering, Advanced Malware Protection, and compatibility with Google SafeSearch. As a result, it’s great for environments where the content needs to be clean. Remember, without a licensing option, your Meraki network device will cease to function.

So, 30 days prior to your license’s expiration date the administrators on your account will be notified. Then, you will receive another e-mail 3 days prior to expiration. Lastly, an expiration banner will display in the Meraki dashboard during this time. However, you can reactivate your account at any point in the future, even after expiration. All you do is, just add the correct number of valid licenses. Of course, Corporate Armor can help you decide if your organization needs the extra security features offered with the Advanced Security License. Just call us at 877-449-0458, or email us with any questions you may have. We have long experience with the Meraki family of products and solutions. And, our advice will be guided solely by what is best for you and your unique needs.


 Stateful Firewall Throughput of 50Mbps

 VPN Throughput of 250 Mbps

 Advanced Security Throughput of 320 Mbps

 Supports up to 200 Users and 100 VPN Tunnels


Meraki MX family datasheet


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