Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Enterprise Device License

1 Year, 3 Years and 5 Years options available



Meraki Systems Manager provides cloud-based, over-the-air centralized Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Simply administer distributed deployments of all of your devices through a powerful web-based dashboard. 

Managed devices connect securely to Meraki’s cloud, enabling device tracking, software and app deployment, content delivery, enforcement of security policies, identity management, and Cisco network integration. End user permissions can change automatically from policy information such as time of day, geolocation, security posture, and user group.

As Cisco’s EMM solution, Systems Manager supports a variety of platforms allowing for the diverse ecosystem often found in today’s mobile centric world. This places Systems Manager in prime position to alleviate the concerns of security teams in regulated industries, empower teachers to run their digital classroom, and ease the burden of enterprise IT teams with distributed sites. Meraki solves the mobility management needs of today and whatever comes next.


Total device management for mobile and desktop 

  • Provision settings and restrictions
  • Inventory management and device tracking
  • Full device wipe and selective wipe
  • Remote viewing and troubleshooting
  • Native remote desktop support
  • Android, Apple TV, Chrome OS, iOS, macOS, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Microsoft Server


Control and provision content and file-sharing

  • Deliver content through proprietary file sharing & backpack
  • Enable shared use of mobile devices
  • Enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) Dropbox integration
  • Access policies for file distribution, replacement, and deletion
  • Conditional access to files including copy/paste and e-mail attachments


Industry-leading ease of use brought to software management  

  • Deploy in-house developed and public apps
  • Enterprise app store and cloud hosting
  • Native app containerization with Android Enterprise, iOS managed open-in
  • Managed-app configuration
  • Volume app licensing


Simple and comprehensive policy management

  • Control access by OS type, security compliance, time of day, geolocation, and user groups
  • Identity access management (IAM) including files, apps, settings & certs
  • Limited access roles for granular administrative access to Dashboard
  • Automated network policy management on Cisco networks
  • Active Directory, LDAP, and OAuth integration 

Cloud Architecture and Scalability

Meraki’s cloud architecture provides a highly flexible system for mobility management. Whether an organization starts with one device or one hundred thousand, there is no difference in the components required or the complexity to deploy. Simple and quick to get started, powerful and scalable for the long term.

Mobility management is a symbiotic partnership between device manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft) and EMM vendor. Meraki’s cloud infrastructure and agile development model delivers features and support for new EMM functions at lightning speed, with no patches or software installs required.

With Systems Manager, Meraki offers the industry’s only end-toend solution which unifies EMM with network elements such as WLAN, WAN, and LAN. This is achieved through native network integration and uses a single pane of glass management dashboard. Gain complete visibility and control from the top of the network to the edge while also enabling typically complex security features in a couple clicks. The intuitive Meraki dashboard enables IT professionals to configure and deploy in just minutes without specialized training or dedicated staff.

Onboarding and Enrollment 

Systems Manager has a flexible onboarding process with a number of curated enrollment options. These options can vary based on the type of device and the style of onboarding. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can be easily managed alongside the stricter requirements of an organization owned device.

Enroll devices seamlessly through built-in integration with platforms such as Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Systems Manager Sentry, via a web-based self-service portal directly on the mobile device, or by installing an app from an app store. Supervise iOS devices over-the-air with DEP or integrate with existing Apple Configurator deployments.  

With Android for Work, create personal and work profiles and optionally implement device ownership. For macOS and Windows devices, utilize programs like DEP and Work Access. Alternately, Systems Manager can be deployed over the air or on individual machines via a lightweight installer. 

Once enrolled, each device downloads its configuration from the Meraki cloud applying device restrictions, network, and security policies automatically — eliminating manual device provisioning.

Profiles & Settings

Profiles & settings provide a comprehensive suite for the wide range of device provisioning needs. This can contain everything from device restrictions and permissions to FileVault encryption as well as e-mail, device privacy, WiFi, VPN, wallpaper, notifications, contacts, Web Clips, managed app settings, education and Apple Classroom, and much more. 

Combining profiles & settings with Mobile Identity establishes a powerful way to dynamically and intelligently distribute the required settings to the correct device given time of day, OS type, security compliance, geolocation, and user groups considerations.

Meraki provides the answer to complex mobility requirements while maintaining industry-leading ease of use aimed to create a delightful experience for administrators and end users. 

Mobile provisioning becomes simple click or drag-and-drop.

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