Cisco Meraki MV 72 Varifocal Outdoor HD Dome Camera


Meraki Varifocal MV72 Outdoor HD Dome Camera

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With the MV 72 series of enterprise surveillance cameras, Meraki does what it always does: Impossibly easy to set up and operate. And MV 72 cameras come with everything needed right in the box. As a matter of fact, you can add cameras to a network before they even arrive, and adjust optical and software settings remotely.

Plus, not only can you manage these cameras from a central dashboard, but you can do it from your phone. The ease of use is really crucial to having a smoothly operating, transparent network.

All MV cameras shoot in HD and contain internal solid-state storage. In fact, the MV 72 has 256GB of it. Plus, it has a smartphone-grade processor It captures high-res 1080p images at up to 20frames-per-second. And, there’s a number of other resolutions and FPS options available to you as well. With its loads of storage space, it could potentially store over a month of video. As a result, it is excellent for surveilling remote locations like warehouses. And, if you need more than 60 days retention time, there are reasonably-priced add-on options that allow you to extend that to 180 days.


The Meraki MV 72 is a 3-9mm varifocal, with a horizontal FOV from 36-112 degrees. It has the versatility to give you a nice, wide-angle survey of a large area, or to zoom in tight on a specific object. Plus, it has IR sensors, meaning almost night-vision out to almost 100 feet.

The major difference between the MV 72 and the MV 22 is that the MV 72 is ruggedized for outdoor use (read more about the MV 22 here). Very ruggedized. It features an IK10+ impact resistance rating, currently the highest rating that exists. And, it has IP67 weather resistance.

Plus, it can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 122°F, so there aren’t many places it can’t go.

MV 72 Highlights

Analytics can scrutinize customer foot traffic
Can alert staff to events in real time
IR illumination up to almost 100 ft.
Integrated 802.11ac wireless for easy upgrades
Machine learning capability for intelligent object detection
IK10+ impact resistance rating
IP67 weather resistance


Learn more about the MV 72 here, and about MV Sense here!


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