Meraki MV Sense and EveryAngle – What are they?

Meraki MV and EveryAngle graphic

Meraki’s MV series of HD Smart Cameras are among the most advanced in the industry. The MV series consists of the MV12, MV22, MV32, and MV72 families. All MV cameras shoot in HD and contain internal solid-state storage. In many cases, you can store up to a month of video onboard. And for all that, the MV12, for example, starts at just $719. With ramped-up speed, optics, and storage, the MV22 starts at just $1266. And for a 360-degree view of the world for under $1000, check out the MV32.

Now, we’ve written some about Meraki MV Sense already. It’s basically a software upgrade to all current Meraki MV series HD smart cameras.

MV Sense allows IT teams to tap into the built-in analytics and machine learning powers of the MV series. With them, you can create new uses and applications.

Meraki MV Sense is built in to all second-generation-and-later MV cameras. Basically, it’s the brainpower behind these smart cameras. Here’s the thing. The MV series boasts some nifty, advanced machine-learning based analytics. And that’s without the need for any servers or additional software. But what to do with all that cool new data?

Well, Meraki MV Sense is simply an ability to intelligently process the data that the camera was already delivering. Think of it as a software upgrade that expands the possibilities of your Meraki cameras.

So what can MV Sense do?

The analytics tools found on Meraki MV smart cameras, such as motion heat maps and person detection, can provide a wealth of high level information. Stuff like foot traffic and behavior patterns. But, the use cases for all this data are so vast and varied that Meraki wanted customers to be able to take advantage of it in their own way.

So, with MV Sense, customers can interact with and build on top of the person-detection data they are getting from MV cameras.

For example, you can trigger a special in-store media display to begin playing if there are more than 10 people within range of it. Or, you can understand wait times in grocery lines around the world.

Or, you can quickly alert emergency personnel of people left in a building during an evacuation. You can set off an alarm if the person count near a dangerous piece of machinery in a manufacturing facility drops below the safe minimum.

So, whether streamlining an operation, creating richer customer experiences, making a safe school even safer, or anything in between, Meraki MV Sense makes ‘sense’ of your MV camera’s observations. And, it allows you to use your security camera for much more than just security. Meraki MV turns cameras into sensors. And MV Sense turns them into a powerful analytics tool.

In fact, with MV Sense, the MV series’ potential is limited only by the imagination — and to some extent, the skill — of the IT staff. It’s worth noting that getting full use of MV Sense probably requires someone with some programming skill or training.

And now on to EveryAngle

EveryAngleis a software company that has partnered with Meraki. Their specialty is harnessing the inbuilt power of the Meraki MV series of Smart Cameras. They develop applications to make sense of the visual and audible data the MV cameras are already collecting. This transforms the cameras into powerful IoT devices that recognize what they are seeing. In turn, this presents endless possibilities to interpret images, make correlations, and even decipher sounds.

EveryAngle’s response to COVID-19

EveryAngle has acted quickly to re-purpose their algorithms and write new code in an effort to releasing their Physical Distance Controls application.

So basically, EveryAngle is a software integration that works perfectly with the machine learning abilities that the MV series already has. With it, you’ll have the ability to set things like custom alerts for face mask detection and physical distance controls. This helps ensure that your business stays within compliance and keeps people safe! And, of course, these capabilities are customizable, to you can create your own rules and Meraki MV/EveryAngle will enforce them for you.

Corporate Armor would love to help you out or tell you more about EveryAngle, and Meraki MV series smart cameras. So please reach out to us, or call 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!


Advanced machine-learning analytics without the need for servers or additional software.

Create your own custom applications and rules.

In-dashboard analytics tools such as motion heat maps and person detection.

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