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The FortiGate-60F Secure SD-WAN firewall is nothing short of a rule-breaker. Why? Because typically SMBs have to decide whether they value speed or protection more in their firewalls. Higher speeds means you skimp on security. But multiple layers of security cost you speed. Usually you don’t get the best of both worlds in firewalls of this class. But with the FortiGate-60F, you actually get both lock-down security and vapor-trail speeds.

Performance of the FG-60F

The FortiGate-60F has Firewall Throughput that clocks in at 10 Gbps. That’s 15 times faster than the industry average! With Threat Protection enabled, you get .7 Gbps Throughput, which is 4 times faster than the industry average. Even with SSL Inspection enabled, you still get .75 Gbps Throughput! It can manage up to 30 FortiAPs. And, at the same time it’s built-in SD-WAN provides secure, direct Internet access for the kinds of cloud-connected applications that businesses now depend on like Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, Office 365, and more.

How, then does the FG 60F accomplish these numbers? Well, rather than outsource, Fortinet develops their own chipsets. The newest  ASIC SOC4 chip is a beast. This chip is what makes this system great. In fact, Fortinet claims this to be the world’s first SD-WAN specific ASIC. As a result, the FortiGate 60F can deliver both the secured SD-WAN networking feature and security stack on the same chip.

Who is the FG-60F designed for?

So, the FortiGate-60F firewall is an excellent choice for an office of up to  25 users that demands multiple levels of protection, Secure SD-WAN and all while maintaining some pretty high throughputs. Additionally, it would be ideal for or any organization looking to deploy applications or devices across multiple branch locations.

So what are FortiCare and FortiGuard support contracts?

Good question. When you purchase a Fortinet FG-60F, you have several options to go along with the firewall itself. These support contracts ensure that your firewall performs at its highest possible level, for as long as possible. The options on the right combine FortiCare and FortiGuard. Without these support options in place, a firewall would basically be an expensive doorstop.

How do I choose one of these for my FG-60F?

FortiCare basically gives your FG-60F global tech support on a per-product basis. You’ll receive a timely response to any technical issues as well as complete visibility on ticket resolution progress. Plus, it includes firmware upgrades, access to the support portal and associated technical resources. Also, you get reporting on technical incidents via the web, chat, and telephone, and a hardware return option.

FortiGuard is the constantly self-updating security part of your FG-60F—it’s what makes it a firewall. Each option includes a range of security services designed to tackle the most advanced Internet threats at any given time. This includes AntiVirus, Advanced Malware Protection, and Content Filtering. Sandboxing, AntiSpam, Email Security, and Botnet Protection are there, too.

How do I configure a FortiGate firewall step by step? Find out here! Of course, you can always reach out to us for help, too!

What is FortiCloud, and how do I activate it?


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