All about FortiConverter Firewall Migration Service

Fortinet’s FortiConverter Firewall Migration Service provides hassle free migration. It helps organizations transition from a wide range of legacy firewalls to FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls quickly and securely. It’s an automated service that converts existing policies to the appropriate, latest FortiGate by using proven methodologies.

All converted configs are validated in a lab environment by Fortinet experts. You’ll enjoy a smooth, supported migration experience. And at the same time, get rid of human errors that often occur in manual processes. As a result, you’re protected by the latest FortiOS security technologies and business impact is reduced.

Your options

FortiConverter Service is a one time migration service. It’s an affordable, zero touch service that’s available for FortiGate hardware and virtual appliances. And it’s great for organizations that want to automate their transformation processes.

FortiConverter Service offers fast, secure configuration conversion without an in-house expert. You simply upload existing firewall configs through a cloud portal. All files are converted and validated in a lab environment. FortiConverter Service helps organizations reduce the impact to their business.

FortiConverter Tool is software designed for service providers or organizations that have firewall knowledge. In other words, people who know what they’re doing, who plan to offer migration services to their customers. It is available as a yearly subscription. With the FortConverter Tool, the provider can perform an unlimited number of configuration conversions. This covers the entire the FortiConverter library of third party firewalls.

Professional Services: Tailored Migration from Certified Experts

You may choose Fortinet Professional Services instead. It provides customized consulting services for an end-to-end migration. By engaging the skills of Fortinet Professional Services, organizations can leverage the vast experience and knowledge of the Fortinet Professional Services teams. You can also request specific optimizations and migration support for you specific needs. Among them are Solution design with design guides and best practice, Migration risk analyses, Appliance commissioning, and Policy migration. There’s also Cutover support and troubleshooting, Test plan execution and validation, and Post-cutover incident management.

FortiConverter works with a wide variety of third party brands. Among them are n Alcatel Lucent, BlueCoat, Check Point, Cisco, Forcepoint, Huawaei, Juniper, McAfee, Palo Alto, SonicWall, Sophos, and more.

Aging firewalls offer ineffective protection from sophisticated new cyberthreats. Migrating complex legacy firewall configs to next-generation appliances may seem relatively simple.But it actually presents risks and challenges. FortiConverter makes the transition process more reliable and predictable. It reduces human errors that occur in manual processes, along with timelines and costs.

Whether upgrading from a third-party firewall to a new FortiGate, or trading in your well-used FortiGate for the latest model, Fortinet believes transitioning to next-generation security platforms should be as simple as possible. So reach out to us here, or call 877-449-0458 so Corporate Armor can answer all your FortiConverter questions, and save you money as well.

FortiConverter Firewall Migration Service highlights

Works with a wide variety of third party brands
Makes the transition process more reliable and predictable
Helps organizations transition from a wide range of legacy firewalls
Eliminates human errors that often occur in manual processes

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