Fortinet FWF-40F Next-Generation Firewall – Hardware only


Fortinet FWF-40F Next-Generation Firewall – Up to 10x faster than the standard Ethernet connectivity and provides high-performance. Proven firewall appliance with Application Control. Quickly set up a secure network with 5 ports Firewall.

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The Fortinet FWF-40F Next-Generation Firewall is the entry-level model of their “F” series of hotrod security appliances. And, just like the larger members of the F series, this little guy is very easy to set up and manage. In common with the other F series appliances, this one is a SECURE SD-WAN firewall. SD-WAN firewalls are a Fortinet innovation. Basically, think of yourself being in a castle, behind a very strong wall. The FortiGate 40F Next-Gen firewall protects what’s inside your perimeter, and what’s on the freeways leading out of it, too. It’s a big deal because SD-WAN allows offices to connect over the internet. And, when you have SD-WAN built into your firewall, you can do so quite securely. Additionally, an SD-WAN firewall eliminates the need for a dedicated network connection. SD-WAN gives extra secure, quick access to cloud-connected applications so important these days. Think of Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce, and Office 365.

Under the hood

This is all possible because of the Fortinet FWF-40F’s new, ridiculously fast FortiSoC4 processor. Actually, it’s the same one used in all the F series, even the enterprise models! That power gives you management which is granular and detailed, but still clear and intuitive. The Fortinet FWF-40F blasts along at 5 Gbps Max Firewall Throughput. In a firewall meant for small offices, that’s pretty crazy. There’s also 800 Mbps of NGFW Throughput, and 600 Mbps of Threat Protection Throughput. By the way, that is currently an industry-leading number. FG-40F is designed for up to 10 concurrent users. The Fortinet FWF-40F can handle up to 10 FortiAP access points, or 5 in Tunnel Mode. This means it is an SMB firewall, but it’s a FAST SMB firewall! It’s ideal for small to mid-sized businesses. Call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]. We have certified Fortinet specialists on staff.   Datasheet

Fortinet FWF-40F Next-Generation Firewall

  • 5 Gbps Max Firewall Throughput
  • 800 Mbps of NGFW Throughput,
  • 600 Mbps of Threat Protection Throughput
  • SOC4 Processor

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 3 in

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