SonicWALL TZ270/W firewalls

SonicWall TZ270/W Next-Gen firewall

The cutting-edge SonicWall TZ270 Next-Gen firewall is ideal for home offices and lean branches. The 7 series is the latest SonicWall TZ series. Not only that, they are the first desktop next-generation firewalls with 10 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

It has industry-validated security effectiveness, and is great for up to 10 users. The SonicWall TZ270 delivers 2.0 Gbps firewall throughput and 750 Mbps VPN throughput, running SonicWall’s new SonicOS 7.0. This means it can handle all the latest and greatest security and networking features out there. And SonicWall is a vendor known for feature-rich firewalls. It also means it can address the growing trends in web encryption, connected devices and high-speed mobility.


The TZ series is built to be highly scalable. It has high port density of up to 10 ports. It features both inbuilt and an expandable storage of up to 256GB. This enables various features including logging, reporting, caching, firmware backup and more. Things are further simplified by the all-important Zero-Touch Deployment. This means you can simultaneously roll out these devices across multiple locations with minimal IT support. The next-gen hardware also integrates firewalling, switching and wireless capabilities. Not only that, it provides single-pane-of-glass management for SonicWall Switches and SonicWave Access Points, as well.


The SonicOS architecture is at the core of TZ series. The SonicWall TZ270 Next-Gen firewall is powered by the feature rich SonicOS 7.0. It has a new, sleek interface. But at least as importantly, it delivers advanced security, networking, and management capabilities. It also features integrated SD-WAN, TLS 1.3 support, real-time visualization, high-speed VPN and other robust security features.

SonicWALL TZ270 Next-Gen firewall – Hardware only
SonicWALL TZ270W Next-Gen firewall – Hardware only

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One of the best things about the SonicWall TZ270 is that you can add modules, or features, as needed. It’s an a la carte approach that’s great for small to medium-sized businesses. In other words, businesses that may not need to pay for full-on enterprise level security. Nevertheless, it’s quite easy to add the modules in when you decide to.

SonicWall’s cloud-management and sandboxing is a cool feature worth mentioning. When any of the myriad SonicWall devices linked together in the cloud discovers an unknown malware, guess what it does? Shares it with every other SonicWall. So that unknown malware becomes famous to every SonicWall appliance everywhere that’s using the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection module.

We’d love to tell you more about the SonicWall TZ270. So, why not give us a call at 877-449-0458, or reach out at [email protected]? Thanks for reading!

SonicWall TZ270/W highlights

Firewall Inspection Throughput: 3 Gbps
Threat Prevention Throughput: 1 Gbps
Application Inspection Throughput: 1.5 Gbps
IPS Throughput: 1.5 Gbps

SonicWALL TZ 270 series datasheet

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