Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection for MSPs and resellers

With new, nasty ransomwares, trojans, and spywares coming out constantly, it’s nice to know there’s people like the ones at Avast on our side. Avast has a long history of building effective anti-malware products, and Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection can more than stack up in a crowded field of competitors.

Avast is among the biggest antivirus providers in the world. They boast 435 million monthly active users. And, they were the second biggest Windows antivirus vendor in 2020 based on market share.

Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection is geared not only towards complete, holistic security, but also towards ease of use. MSPs today require an all-in-one, comprehensive security platform that is easy to install and manage. This is to reduce dependency on skilled security professionals.

The thing is, many MSPs have limited resources and therefore are always on the lookout for a simple, scalable, easy-to-manage solution. They need something that allows them to support the business growth of their customers and maximize their in-house resources.

Easy to use

A great deal has been made of how user-friendly and light-on-the-system Avast is. This is for good reason, and Avast Advanced All-in-One is no exception.


If you’re looking for comprehensive antivirus for a reseller or a managed security service provider, Avast’s all-in-one solution has a lot to offer.

The main attraction here is CloudCare. It delivers all of Avast’s security features through the cloud on a user-friendly platform. What does it do? For one thing, it lets you grow your MSSP while increasing your revenue. CloudCare gives MSSPs a simple way to scale business, add new services, and deploy security remotely to new customers.

It also allows you to manage multiple networks easily by viewing threats, updates and reports for your customers in one place. Plus, helps you avoid rising costs and upkeep for clients. This helps you reduce onsite client visits, saving effort, money and time.

Features of Avast Advanced All-in-One

Since it’s cloud-based, you can scale Avast Advanced All-in-One endlessly. And cloud security is able to scan every byte of incoming and outgoing traffic, including SSL and CDN. And, for the same reason, Avast is protecting your customers’ users anytime, anywhere.

Running a successful business requires keeping profitability without compromising on service. That can be a struggle. MSPs require a reliable, all-in-one platform that enables them to increase their efficiency and reduce total TCO. And that’s exactly what Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection for MSP is designed to do.

Avast has managed to create a scalable cloud-based security infrastructure that sees everything that happens on the internet. They have a view into everything online, good and bad. It gives Avast the unique advantage of being first to inspect and analyze potential threats. They prevent over 1.5 billion attacks every month, in fact. Upon discovering new malware, they can quickly deploy new security features to protect users. This is the strength behind Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection.

Corporate Armor has partnered with Avast for years. We can readily recommend Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection for your clients. Why not email us or call 877-449-0458 and let us answer your questions? Thanks for reading!

Avast Advanced All-in-One Protection highlights

Installation is a total snap
Ease of use and layered security services your clients need
Easily scales to support customers’ growing business needs
Supports MSPs with a QuickStart program to drive business growth