Fortinet FortiClient Antivirus – A quick review

Fortinet’s FortiClient is an endpoint security software containing several features, such as VPN, Anti-Virus, Vulnerability Scan, and more. It provides desktop protection\antivirus that works in combination with FortiGate firewalls. Together, they provide single pane of glass security visibility. And, it provides a client-side software IPSec VPN access to remote FortiGate firewalls. The cost of the updates is included with the FortiGate making it cost effective versus buying a third party solution.

It leaves a light footprint, giving little effect on performance even when the full scan is running.

FortiClient is for use within an Enterprise Management Server. This provides centrally managed antivirus protection to endpoints. However, it also works in a standalone capacity. FortiClient is certainly capable of providing quality protection on its own.

When used like this, the core system component becomes the built-in vulnerability scanner, thoroughly seeking out known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Also, TCP and UDP ports are probed to make sure that the system is running a basic firewall. Your sysadmin will need to make the more advanced firewall configurations.

FortiClient checks for vulnerabilities in Microsoft programs, third-party tools, and popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and more. After scanning,it generates a clean color-coded report that shows what has been detected.

FortiClient Features

FortiClient also includes a useful ‘remote access’ tool. It allows users to configure VPN connections. Basically, it’s a full-fledged VPN connection editor for creating outbound connections. One can configure both SSL-VPN and IPsec VPN connections here and edit client authentication settings. It’s great for those who need to use a VPN to access corporate internet networks.

Easy to use

As a self-managed solution, FortiClient is very easy to use. It simply runs off the default scanning and firewall configs in FortiGate. In this way, the program’s core components can be set up in just a couple of clicks.

Even if you’re taking advantage of the free download, you can still use the online support knowledge base. In addition, there’s also amessage forum, and a comprehensive video library. There are a number of tutorials, such as how to configure an IPSec VPN connection, that are applicable to the home user.

FortiClient is available as a free download to home users. It comes for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, (Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS), iOS, and Android. Enterprise customers will need to purchase the FortiClient Enterprise Management Server. Pricing is based on the number of endpoints served.

In summary

Fortinet FortiClient It is a very good endpoint protection platform, preventing exploitation of known vulnerabilities. It also features behavioral based detection which helps protect against zero day attacks. FortiClient holds an important place alongside FortiEDR and FortiXDR in the Fortinet arsenal. These products are more complementary than competitive. They are aimed at different levels of need.

It is easy to use with any WiFi connection, allowing remote access to company servers and databases. You don’t have to worry about having limited access from an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, etc.

In addition, it is good for vulnerability scanning, as well as configuring outbound VPN connections. It’s designed as a simple, easy-to-use endpoint to an Enterprise Management Service with limited options for customization. FortiClient is a very solid solution with a very budget-friendly price.

We hope this brief explanation has been helpful. And, if you have any further questions about this or any Fortinet solution, please email us or call Corporate Armor at 877-449-0458. Thanks for reading!

FortiClient Highlights

Integrated VPN, firewall, and vulnerability detection
IPSec VPN access
AntiVirus protection
Scans malware on a very high level
Extremely secure VPN connections

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